Thursday, 24 April 2014

18th April 2014 - Good Friday...

Also known as Lazy Friday or Caroline can't be bothered to get out of bed day!

Well...when you're given a free day off, it would be rude to get out of bed!

We listened to the radio, drank tea and generally chilled out! I wanted to rest my ankle in the hope it would continue to improve. So lying in bed doing not a lot is the best way to do it, I think!

We watched some movies to make the day go better, and watched The Boat that Rocked, Serenity and Now You See Me. A good afternoon's watching!

The cats kept us company, of course!

 Maia likes it when I have the latop tray on the bed! She will start off on my knee and gradually make her way underneath the tray. Then she'll end up belly up with her paws ready to kick me just in case I am so rude and bold as to accidentally touch them while trying to type! It makes writing these blog posts really tough at times!

Barney, on the other hand, chilled out!

 You can see that he really wanted to be there! :)

We had freezer surprise of chilli con carne for dinner (a surprise because we thought that it was sausage casserole when we took it out the freezer!) and caught up with the week's tv! We watched Shield, Arrow, Community and an episode of Person of Interest.

I also discovered that cats were just as awesome in pixelated form as well as in real life. In my Sims game, one of the family cats took on the Grim Reaper when he came to take his owner away and won! Aleksi was resurrected! Go CABBAGE (which is an awesome name for a cat and don't deny it)!

Then to bed!



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