Saturday, 26 April 2014

20th April 2014 - Family fun!

Guess what I did this morning?! If you guessed got up and went for a run, you'd be wrong. If you guessed stayed in bed while Paul watched the Grand Prix WE HAVE A WINNER!

Yeah yeah. But it's my holiday and I'll do what I want to!

There was more needed vegetating done when I was done with my trying to sleep! Making plans and things that need to be done. Thinking about doing them is productive, right?

Yep - it's Maia's paws again. Just to show she does do this a lot! And her little back paws are just so cute!

We had breakfast and watched some football, then I got up and got into the shower. Yes, I got up, showered and dressed today! IT'S AN EASTER MIRACLE!

Paul also got showered and then we headed over to Lymm to Paul's cousin's house for a little Kirkham family get together!

Paul watched more football and I played with the adorable Scarlett, Oscar and Sebastian!

The men tended a barbecue and the women congregated in the kitchen. Typical! It was nice to see everyone, plus I realised I haven't actually seen Paul's parents since we left theirs at Christmas. Oops. Bad daughter in law!

I gushed over Edward and showed lots of pictures. We got lots of baby questions fired at us which I deflected with being broody for kittens! People kinda gave up then! Until they'd had more alcohol when they started again!

We had food, watched football, talked, played, laughed, bounced on the trampoline...successful day I think.

Plus we got to meet Paul's cousin's little puppy, Pip!

Isn't she cute and tiny?! She's about 7 months old or so and a cutie pie! Paul's aunt had brought her dog too which, if you remember, is a giant! They were playing away quite merrily but Pip got quite tired and I think a little bit afraid of Asali.

I went to find the kids and we watched Frozen. I've not seen it before. It was fine. Not sure what I was expecting to be honest! It was nice to hear Scarlett singing Let It Go, though. Even I know the words to that song, having never seen the movie! That's how overplayed it is!

That's when Pip came for a cuddle with Paul's cousin. And promptly peed on her. LOLZ! It was really funny...but also not because it is a relatively new sofa so we had to strip the sofa cushions as well. Kerry, Paul's cousin in law, tried to grab Pip, but she jumped on the sofa by me and promptly widdled again. Nice. At least she didn't get me!

More sofa cushions to wash. Poor little Pip. I think she was tired and a bit afraid to go and pee outside because of Asali. She was very good, but got told off and was hiding her head in shame when we went outside to say goodbye.

We got home and had a couple of glasses of wine and watched an ep of Breaking Bad. We decided to marathon the show tomorrow. What better way to spend Easter Monday?



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