Sunday, 27 April 2014

21st April 2014 - Heisenberg Says Relax. If Heisenberg says it, I must obey!

Yay for free day off! I love it when this happens! Extra long weekends are always welcome!

Paul went for a run first thing and I did a bit of sorting out (but nothing really) and waited for him to come home. Then it came time for what we'd been promising ourselves for a few days. A Breaking Bad Marathon!

We had some little snacks and cracked on with a few eps. We also cracked on with something else...

See what I did there? This was the result of Paul hitting the egg against his head to make a dint in it! It wouldn't break otherwise!

We watched a few eps of season 1 and got to about half way through season 2 when we decided to stop. It's all a bit...sombre...and we needed some light hearted entertainment. Which was provided by the kitties!

I think Barney won!

We didn't head to bed too late as we have to work tomorrow. Boo.

So nothing much happened today but it was a good day! :)



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