Tuesday, 1 April 2014

27th March 2014 - Grrr Argh.

Long Thursday. Very long in fact. I dislike long days and this is one of them.

We haven't been to the gym again. We're naughty. We'll start again next week!

Any excuse for a Fillion gif! From Tumblr.

I didn't have a great deal to do today for once. So it was back to my database work which I LOATHE! It sucks, big time!

Then some urgent new files came in which I needed to deal with. I can't say I was disappointed to put away the database work at all!

After work I headed home and called my Mum for a catch up. Which is when things went wrong. I noticed that the freezer door had opened and so the food at the front had started to defrost. Which included a ton of chicken. GREAT. I wasn't happy about this at all. I was in a flap trying to sort that out when my coat fell off it's hanger. Hmph. So I went to put it back on again, thus slipping down a couple of steps to get there. Note that I am still on the phone to my Mum at the time. I put the coat back up, turn around and it falls off again. So I put it back on AGAIN at which stage the over-door hook where I hang it fell down, and the other 2 coats and a jacket fell on me.

I yelled in total frustration. Then told Mum I'd call her back. Then sat sobbing on the kitchen floor. I had a little meltdown. It all got to me. All these things happening in the space of about 10 minutes.

I did eventually call Mum back and got over it a little.

Paul came home late and could see that I wasn't in a good way so went to the shops to get a few bits and then came home and opened a bottle of wine. He hadn't had a good day either. We needed that drink.

We had leftovers for dinner, which were nice, and watched some tv.

Healthy and tasty. It's a winning combination.

It soon became time to go to bed, as anger and frustration are quite tiring emotions!

I gave Maia some treats and then gave Barney some of his hairball control treats. Judging by the amount of drool, he likes them a lot!

Lovely. Barney slobber!

Then, to sleep!



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