Wednesday, 2 April 2014

28th March 2014 - Failed attempt number 2.

It's Friday! It's the last Friday of the month! Yay! Reasons to be cheerful right there! Gotta love those!

We enjoyed our lie in this morning! Then up we got and off we popped to our respective offices.

Bossman T was about all day. Which isn't fun when you have an urgent application to type up and he keeps wanting to use your computer to check his emails (he doesn't have a machine here and doesn't get them to his Blackberry) and for you to check things for him which take time. I had to get the application done by lunch time. I just about made it!

Then - afternoon. Which was dragging something shocking! You know what got us through the rest of the day? The prospect of Fizz Friday! Yes, it's that time again already!

Except, just as last time, the bossman was in and around all afternoon. Not a chance we were going to get to enjoy our Prosecco. WAAAAAAAA! It's a conspiracy! So we've had to put it in storage until the next opportunity.

T's bottom drawer! Perfect! I really hope we get to have it soon. I feel sorry for it all lonely in that drawer. :(

I came home, in a grump, and waited for Paul to come home. He cooked the chicken that we had to defrost, we had dinner and watched some TV for the rest of the evening with a nice bottle of wine.

So a really blah and annoying day. Stupid Friday.



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