Thursday, 3 April 2014

29th March 2014 - More ouchies

It's Saturday! YAY! Also known as lie in bed for as long as humanly possible day! WHOOP!

Paul broke the rules though. He got up to watch the qualifying for the Grand Prix, leaving me in bed. I sat up to have a cup of tea and noticed some bright lights in my left eye. Really bright. To the extent I thought my phone light was flashing bright. NOPE. Migraine. These are far too frequent for my liking.

Dry bread was eaten, medicine was taken and then all there was left to do was wait it out. In bed. Feeling sorry for myself.

Paul then had to leave to go to the football. So I didn't have anyone to wait on me. Nothing worse when you're not feeling tip top.

The pain subsided a little and so I got my laptop to catch up on my postings when a certain little princess decided she wanted a cuddle.

But she couldn't just sit down and curl up. No no, she had to make a big deal out of it!

Thanks, Moo! Sorry for the shots of my hideous and old tracky bottoms. They're comfy therefore they win. At least I got dressed today! A pajama day would have been perfection!

Eventually Maia got bored of me reaching over her to type, so moved on to comfier spots elsewhere. Barney, however, decided he wanted to give the Mama-pillow a try!

He rested his head against my knee and lay there for AGES! As he rarely cuddles me during hours when people might actually see him, this had to be photographed. He kept reaching up for my hand on the mouse as well! TOO CUTE!

I had a small bowl of museli for breakfast which helped me feel a little better but I soon got hungry. We didn't have much in the way of easily prepared food in the house (waaaa, no husband to wait on me!) so I had to grab the easiest thing I could. Turns out it was awesome.

Quavers may just be the best crisp in the world. I LOVE them! I don't have them very often so at least I can think highly of them for now!

I vegetated for most of the day until the pain subsided. I meant to get stuff done today but the migraine knocked me for six.

Paul got home and was celebrating a football win. I came to join him downstairs to be good company. We ate curry and watched The Hunger Games (the first one) as some light entertainment before Match of the Day. He watched that while I went off to bed. So I got up for about 4 hours. That's acceptable, right?



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