Friday, 4 April 2014

30th March 2014 - Another day of nothing!

So the clocks went forward meaning that we lose an hour. Boy, was that obvious. So begins the chore of discovering which clocks change themselves and which have to manually be done. Yeah. Fun.

After yesterday's poor excuse for a day, I knew today HAD to be better.

Except I failed again, and it was much the same as the day before. Lots of laziness!

Paul got up to watch the Grand Prix, as always, and I tried to snooze some more, but did not succeed.

I decided that another bed day wouldn't be a good idea so got up and dressed and settled in on the sofa. I can just laze under the sofa duvet instead! It counts as up, kinda!

We decided to try a bit of a Lord of the Rings marathon, because we couldn't decide what to watch! We had breakfast and chilled out for a few hours. It was nice!

Paul also took on the mountainous task of furminating Barney! Not an easy job and certainly not for the faint hearted!

He let him for a little while then ran away having had enough. We got quite a lot of fur though...

This is after only a few strokes of the brush. A little worrying. Also his fur is grey! I always hoped he would be a black and grey tabby when he was a kitten as he was so stripey on his legs! It never happened.

We need to keep at him I think. Can't have that fur going into his belly. :(

This was after he had forgiven us for furmination. He chilled for a while on the Tower.

Maia does curl up on the top level quite often, although since taking these pictures, Barney has taken up residence there on more than one occasion!

 See how perfectly she fits on the platform? She even has room to spare to roll over and get belly tickles from Paul! I can't reach...

Barney, on the other hand...

The edge of the platform sags under his bum! So long as he's happy, that's the main thing!

After admiring the beauty of our fur-babies, we carried on watching the movies and Paul made dinner!

Slow-roasted pork belly again! IT was delish! There was just too much of it! Talk about filling!

Then, after more movie, we decided it was time for bed. Due to the clock change, neither of us were particularly tired, but it had to be done. Got to be up and at 'em in the morning!


2012 - :(

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