Saturday, 5 April 2014

31st March 2014 - Zzzzz

Being awake from about 3:30am due to cats deciding that it's the BEST TIME EVER to knock crockery onto the wooden floor is EXACTLY how I like to roll on a Monday morning. Grr. Especially after going to bed a little later than usual on a Sunday night.

Paul was awake as well and it felt like we spent quite a while just staring at the bedroom ceiling, willing sleep to come!

This is our bedroom ceiling. Taken in the daylight, as during the night you can't really see the detail. Just a looming lampshade (which was a lovely wedding gift from Ash. Thank you!)

I think I managed to get back to sleep after a while, but Paul wasn't so lucky. So he (and to a certain extent, me) would have the following going through our head for the rest of the day...

Well said, Martin.

The alarm went off for the gym. Yep - we switched it off. Paul had only just got back to sleep so needed any extra he could grab. Me...well, I'm just lazy!

So then to work. It was the same old same old through the day. Nothing interesting at all happened. I processed some new files and did some admin. Yawn.

We came home and didn't really do a lot there either! Watched some tv and went to bed. VERY long but uneventful day.



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