Tuesday, 8 April 2014

3rd April 2014 - Best intentions!

It's Thursday! YEAH! We're going to kick today's ASS! WHOOP!

We got up and went to the gym and did a work out for a while! GO US!

Then it was time to come home and get ready for work! I found myself with a few spare minutes so I decided to sort the washing to do a mammoth lot of laundry this weekend.

Except Barney couldn't quite get the hand of not mixing darks with lights. I've tried to teach him but he just doesn't get it!

Then to work, where I was uber productive and decided to be efficient and order a couple of copies of our marriage certificate. As I need to get my passport changed over to my married name, I'll need to send off a copy of the certificate, and as we only have one, I don't want to risk losing it in the mail somewhere.

I got that done and was then dead set to get loads done today. The universe, it seems, had other plans.

Great. No access to the server. ALL. DAY. It went off before 11 and didn't come back on again at all. Yeah, not irritating one little bit. Grrr.

So T was able to do some typing just onto a regular word document and I...had nothing. So line manager A asked me if I could look at his netbook to find out why it was running so slowly.

Easiest job ever, even for someone who has no technical training. It was FULL of malware/spyware/un-necessary programs which he had downloaded, probably as part of something else. So I started to get rid of it all. I started at lunch time and was nowhere near finished by 5pm when I left. It's THAT bad.

I came home and decided that I couldn't let the poor excuse for a day continue, so I got the bit of ironing that needed doing all sorted! Ready for it to be replaced in a couple of days time when I do the next lot of washing. But still - I have an empty basket for now! Except when Barney claims it, of course!

While I was doing that, Paul made dinner and gave Barney a good furminate. A really goof furminate as it turns out...

That's a large ball of Barney fur. Better out than in, I guess!

After watching some TV, Arrow and Continuum to be precise, we headed to bed not having a particularly late night!



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