Thursday, 10 April 2014

4th April 2014 - Bon Anniversaire, Papa!

It's Daddy Hartley's birthday today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! He's...I don't know...29 again?! :) He and my Mum have headed over to Nice on the south coast of France for a few days to get some sunshine! Not at all jealous. Nope. Not one bit.

This morning we got up and went to the gym again! I'm proud of us! I did some weights and will look like Arnie in no time!

Then, in no particular rush, to work where, surprise surprise, the systems were still down. Luckily some new files had come in so I was able to sort them for a little while, rather than twiddling my thumbs thinking of things to do!

A gave me his netbook back again and so I set to work on decluttering that some more. Our IT guy turned up and as well as fixing our broadband (which had been changed to another provider without them informing us) he advised me on a program to put onto A's machine to do a clear out. A ran a scan. It took a LONG time. It found over 2,500 items of malware etc. That's not good.

I quarantined and deleted the lot. His machine probably needs a full system restore, but we'll see how it goes as is. He's guilty for clicking pop ups thinking that he needs to install all the software it suggests so he can stream football online. Nope. Nope nope nope.

Our internet came back on at lunch time and we were able to finish the day as best we could. I left a tiny bit early though, as I was heading into town to meet Paul! It's Aintree Ladies Day racing weekend so the town is full of 'well dressed' (hahahahahha) people! I think the motto when it comes to dressing up for Ladies Day is 'go large or go home'.

Except I couldn't meet Paul because Paul had left where I was going to meet him and gone back to his office on the other side of town. Hmph. This miffed me more than it should because I was wearing heels and had just walked a good mile and a half or so uphill. Ouchy feet right here.

So I plonked myself on a nearby seat and waited for him to come and meet me.

While I was waiting, this car pulled up opposite...

Random! The people who got out were business-y types. Also known as not the sort of people you'd imagine driving that car!

When Paul got to me, we headed to an old student-haunt of ours, Hannahs, for a beverage. There was a live band on to entertain us. They were loud.

They were so loud we could barely hear each other speak. So we had to drink and talk between songs!

This is how we roll!

See the funny marks in the table? The repais that they had done to the wood (at least, that's my assumption) were made into art!

Fishies! :)

After our drink there we headed closer to town, in the hope of seeing some snazzy dressed lovelies. There were a few odd outfits and lots of drunk people but nothing particularly outstanding. I am disappointed, ladies.

We headed to Las Iguanas to see if it was still Happy Hour. Success! 2 dark and stormy cocktails for Cagga! WIN!

We decided to stay for dinner because we were both starving and drinking on an empty stomach is BAD.

Paul's dinner:

NEW HOT GUYANESE PEPPERPOT - Enticing sweet & spicy stew with chunky, succulent
slow-braised mutton, fired-up with hot scotch-bonnet peppers. Simmered slow with cloves, orange zest,
cinnamon & lime juice. Served steaming, with sweet plantain, orange wedges & spring onion & garlic rice.

(Photo - mine. Description from Las Iguanas website)

My dinner:

Barbeque & jalapeño shredded steak HOME-STYLE BURRITOS  Tortilla packed with refried beans & crumbly white cheese.
Served up with little gem lettuce, guacamole, aji & slaw. Comes with spring onion & garlic rice, soured cream & chipotle sauce on the side. Choose:

Mine was lush. I enjoyed Paul's too, but I think he preferred mine. Ho hum!

We then headed to the shops to get some food for tomorrow then went home. Paul stayed up for a while but I was knackered so went straight to bed. Lightweight!



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