Saturday, 12 April 2014

6th April 2014 - Gettin' crafty!

I had another cheeky lie in this morning! Except for putting the last load of drying on! Paul got up and had breakfast and also watched Match of the Day again. He had a training run to do. Me...not so much.

So while he was out running, I read more of Veronica Mars! And by more, I mean I finished it. Yeah. I do that! I enjoyed it! It was good entertainment!

Paul came home and made himself a full cooked breakfast. I decided that I needed to get making a card, as my lovely friend Stevie became a Dad yesterday morning! Little Toby was born at around 8am, so I needed to get my crafts on!

I can't show you the finished product, even though I think it's the best one I've made so far! I can't show you because as you read this he still hasn't seen it! All I can do is give you a hint...

Blue buttons. That's all you get! :)

In the background I decided to watch some Lost commentaries, because I'm a big nerd and something got me thinking about Lost again! We met Juliet and I can't remember watching them before so it was nice! I do enjoy hearing the actors/writers/directors talk about how they made certain things and how they felt at the time! My all-time favourite commentary so far is the Lord of the Rings cast commentary though. Nothing has beaten that for me yet!

After watching and crafting, I came down for dinner and chilled out with Paul. It was nice! Can't for the life of me remember what we watched on the tv though! That's bad, isn't it?!

Check out Paul's beard!

No idea why I took this, but I'm sure I had a reason at the time!

Then to bed, as it's work day tomorrow!



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