Monday, 14 April 2014

8th April 2014 - Nad nâ ennas...*

Ever wake up and know within the first few hours that your day is going to suck? Yeah, well that. That happened today.

Naff night's sleep (beeping Barnacles) but we got up to gym because the dice told us we should. Yes, we really didn't want to go and it was the hardest decision to make! I don't think it's ever been this difficult to decide whether we were going to the gym or not! So odds meant we went and evens meant we went back to sleep. A quick roll of the dice app and it was a 1. Can't say I wasn't a bit disappointed, but the app decreed that we go, so we went!

When we got back it was shower time, so in we got. Just as I got into the shower and closed the door I heard a familiar riff to a song that I detest more than any other. Yes - it belonged to a certain ditty by Neil Diamond, the name of which I will not utter here.

This is not a good omen for me. Sure enough, the day lived up to it's bad morning.

The only good bit of the day was I had a delivery (which I was expecting yesterday) which cheered me up!


Stuff at work was really crappy. Got a load of stuff to do but couldn't do it because of other things I was getting asked to do, calls that were coming in etc etc. I didn't enjoy today and was in a very bad mood. So going home was the best thing for me.

Paul had more revision to do tonight so when I got in I headed straight for the ironing board and made a start on the whole heap of ironing that I accumulated over the weekend! To make it better, I started watched the special features on the first Hobbit bluray (the cinematic release, not the extended ones I watched the other week) which I hadn't seen yet. It helped make the ironing go quicker, anyway!

We had dinner (left over duck and risotto) and watched the start of The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. Well, I watched it, Paul revised.

Barney groomed himself rather loudly from atop his perch as well. He wanted to cameo today!

It got to about 9pm and I decided that it was time to head to bed as I was knackered. Paul agreed (but did more reading. I just went to sleep.

*"something is out there" in elvish. Had to be done.



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