Tuesday, 15 April 2014

9th April 2014 - CAGGA SMASH. Literally.

Just thinking of writing about today makes my heart sink. What a flippin' awful day.

It started ok - it's later get up Wednesday, so I had a little lie in, but Paul got up with the birds I think! He had an exam so actually left for work just as I was going to get into the shower!

Then to work. I took with me a special little delivery which arrived yesterday (but was saving for today as this post will need a bit of happiness and joy!).

A card with a picture of my gorgeous little nephew on it! It now resides on my notice board at work to make me smile when the day goes squiffy. But TeddyBear couldn't even rescue today. :(

I probably shouldn't go into detail about why my day went wrong because this is a public blog and it's work related. Let's just say that someone whom I work with in the fairly big company, not our office, came across as being lazy and expected me to do work for them. It was to do with information which I had already provided to said person...let's think of a name for them...LAA (Lazy and Annoying). Laa had done a bit of corresponding, but then basically left it up to me to do the rest, even though I knew nothing more than what I had already informed them. Laa told me to answer points brought up by another company, which I already had. Why Laa couldn't do it with what I had told them is beyond me.

I was getting angrier and angrier, which was actually giving me chest pain. I have a lot of work at the moment and doing someone else's work because they're too lazy to do it themselves drives me scatty. It was so bad I took myself home for lunch.

What a mistake.

I called Paul when I left the office to see how his exam went. He's confident! YAY! I ranted at him and he was lovely and listened to me! After our conversation, I was home and had to find something for my lunch. I decided to make myself some scrambled eggs in the microwave, so as I was preparing the same, I got a text from my Mum with some good news (for them) so I thought 'I'll call her'. Propping the phone under my chin, I carried on making my eggs and chatting away.

Then I dropped my phone.

Mum was still there so we carried on talking. It was only when I came to hang up that I realised I couldn't see anything on the screen. So I had to take off the battery to end the call!

When I switched it back on again, I heard all the pretty ditties it plays when it starts up, but couldn't see anything. Nothing but a crack at the top of the screen.


Taken from Tumblr
 Needless to say I was rather miffed by this. I got back to work a bit of a mess and called up my phone company who basically told me 'oh no, sucks to be you' and that there was nothing they could do as I wasn't insured by them. Gee, thanks.

Basically my only option was to take it into a shop to get the screen replaced. I made a couple of calls. The cheapest quote I got was £150(!!!!!!!!!!!!). Yeah.

So I got the phone locked in case the place I took it was dodgy, but this meant getting a new sim card sent out. So I had no sim to be able to put into another phone either.

I wasn't thinking straight. Mostly because LAA flippin emailed me again. I reacted badly, and told them "I don't know what you're asking, I've already told you what I know and I'm having a really bad day so going around in circles isn't helping."

To which Laa replied, telling me pretty much exactly what was in the last email but broken into smaller paragraphs.


A decent excuse for Oliver Queen! Taken from a Gif Party on Io9.
Yep - I wanted to flip the desk.

I tried to calm down and did what was asked of me. I think. I emailed the other company directly with what I thought were the answers.

I got a reasonable and very kind response.

WHY COULDN'T LAA DO IT IN THE FIRST PLACE? WHY GET ME INVOLVED?! I didn't say anything that I hadn't already told Laa. URGH.

So I was VERY angry and upset for the whole afternoon. My productivity pretty much went down to nothing. Which is not good.

After work, I grumped to the train station (train was slightly delayed... extra grumpy) and grumped my way from the station to the phone shop where I got the phone in September to see if they could help me.

Well, the guy in there was actually ace. Chris at EE in Liverpool One, you deserve a gold star in my book. Couldn't do enough to help me! He even said it will cost too much to repair the phone through their shop and recommended a place in Warrington to get it fixed! GO CHRIS!

From there, I went to meet Paul and in turn meet Chris and Ceri at Nand0s. Yes, real Nand0s! We had a quick dinner there (which was nice, but Paul's fake Nand0s is better!) before heading to the cinema. Tonight it is time.

Winter Soldier time! :) *there would be a ticket or screen picture here but you know...broken phone...*grump*

It was good! Lots of explosions, plot twists and WTF moments! Who's good? Who's bad? Who knows? The only thing I know is that Captain America is not unpleasant to look at. That's all I'm saying. :)

After the film, we headed to the car park next to the cinema. As we exited, I saw a big red boat with my name on it! I was all excited! PAUL GOT A BOAT!

Yeah, no. It was the Radio Caroline boat though! WHOOP! The boat that held the pirate radio station which I was named after!

I couldn't get a photo, because broken phone but I borrowed one. Sadly of the wrong side. Can't find one the other way. Urgh.

Taken from The Liverpool Echo
Although a boat that says 'Caroline' on one side and 'Bar' on the other side...could be my boat, right?

We headed home and pretty much went straight to bed as we were both exhausted.

Could we sleep? Could we heck!

*So please note, while my phone is broken, taking pictures is going to be interesting. I may not have one for the next few days unless I can get my real camera working. Ha! Using something for it's actual function! That's a funny joke! Worrying that my phone has a better lens than my camera. 10 mega pixels is so 2008...or whenever it was that I got it...

Maybe I'll draw you my picture of the day?...eek!*

Hulk? Smash. From Tumblr.


2013 - only upon writing this post do I discover last year's post. You will probably 'HA' as loud as I did. Can't quite believe it, to be honest!

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  1. well that completely and utterly sucks.. but at least you got to see Winter Soldier..