Saturday, 31 May 2014

25th May 2014 - Barney-rific!

So it turns out I went to bed later than I thought I did! I have no idea what I was watching but I was still up after midnight, which means I have pics for today as well!

Oh, LOL! I do remember what I was watching! The first part of the last Twishite movie was on tv so I watched some of that. It was so bad I needed to see the second part! Call it insane curiosity! I know what 'they' say about curiosity and cats and after that I was tending to agree with them!

It was AWFUL. REALLY awful. I don't think I have ever seen a worse movie! I've seen some stinkers but I think I was vocally heckling it out loud! Surprised I didn't wake Paul up! That baby was scary!

Anyway, I think I must have gone to bed at about 1am. Oops.

I didn't wake up overly early and had a lazy few hours once I did! Which was good. Actually, we had a fairly lazy day! We did get some chores done which was good, we watched the Monaco Grand Prix which was good and we relaxed some, which is good! We also coo'd some more over Barney who was being extra cute all day!


Aw! It was too bright for a Barney! Oh, and Barney is wishing you all a happy Towel Day! See - he has his towel! Good boy!

He's also going a bit grey in his young age! Aw!

After the Grand Prix we decided to watch a movie. I blindly pointed to one of the DVDs on the geek shelves and we ended up with The Beach! Not a bad movie to pick so we watched it!

I hadn't seen the film since it was out at the cinema! I remember that I missed one bit of it and didn't have a clue what was going on at the end! I got it this time. Phew!

Then, time for another film. Sadly my random pointing at dvds didn't work so well at picking anything for us, so we scrolled through Sky Movies and came upon Iron Man 3. We hadn't seen it before. We enjoyed it.

We had time then for another film! Get us! 3 in one day! I didn't want anything too serious as concentration was starting to wane. So another little look through Sky Movies gave us This Is The End. Harmless fun. A little bit nuts but what do you expect?

We had dinner, pizza and nibbles, and a nice bottle of wine. Very relaxing!

I also noticed that some of the ouchies from yesterday's massage are starting to reveal themselves...

That's some definite bruising on my bicep! Attractive!

Then to bed. At a more reasonable hour than last night!



Friday, 30 May 2014

24th May 2014 - A Relaxing Day...of sorts...

Saturday morning. The unofficial day of rest! How wonderful Saturday mornings are!

So that's exactly what we did! Rest! Except I also took pictures of my wonky ankle, just to show you al! You're welcome!

See how the one on the right points in more than the other. Yep - wonk. It's not supposed to do that!

We also took the opportunity to furminate the kittens! It's Barney that needs the most work but he wasn't impressed with the process. Maia, on the other paw, LOVED IT!

Aw, my baby's going grey. :(

Here's all that fur tightly compacted into a ball. That's quite a big ball. Don't believe me? Here, see this:

That's the ball of fur next to a 20p piece! Whilst 20ps aren't huge, it's better than a 5p!

The yield from Barney wasn't great.

For comparative purposes. Barney, however, decided the ball of his fur was the best. toy. ever! He chased it around the house for ages, even playing fetch with it for a while until he lost it! I was scared he might try to eat it but no! Play!

I had a nice bath while Paul watched the Grand Prix qualifying. Had to primp myself good and proper.

After some sitting around, we had an appointment to attend to! The shoe shop! The Italian (non)torturer advised that I should get a better pair of shoes so I did! They're pretty! I didn't take a picture. Soz.

We then headed (in the torrential rain) to The Crowne Plaza on the docks in Liverpool to the spa! We had massages to have!

After some standing around, we were taken to a small conference room and asked to remove our clothing for our massage in front of a glass windowed door. Ok, so that's not quite what happened (we were in swim suits) but other than that it's the truth! We had massages in a conference room! They asked us to strip as we'd been in the jacuzzi first and they didn't like the wet costumes on the bed. Hmmm.

The massages were nice. They beat up Paul's back, gave us a small facial, tore my arms up (not literally but it flamin' hurt!) then asked us if we enjoyed it! There will be bruising. Yay.

Once we left there we decided we were a little peckish so headed for some food at a little place called Lucha Libra.

It was yummy! Want some food pic spam?! OK!

Chicken Quesadilla. Mmmm!

Pork burrito! MmmMmmMMMM!

It was really reasonably priced and we'll definitely go back, ordering more next time!

We then went on a bit of a small circuit of town! Paul has an Independent Liverpool card so we got discounts/freebies along the way!

Free Sambucca shot with every round. It's a little early...but sure!

We then went to a little place round the corner which sold beer in glass tankards! Big and little ones!

So cute!

Little glass!

Big glass!

After a few drinks we went home!

Train journey for the win!

We got some pudding which we ate when we got in, then we went to bed, both exhausted. Relaxing day? More like painful and exhausting day!


Thursday, 29 May 2014

23rd May 2014 - Smooth!

Another crap night's sleep. We didn't want to get up and go to the gym but we did. Are you impressed?! I did upper body weight machines which was tough but good. Even though a chap did walk round to use the machine, saw me on the machine and audibly tutted. How rude. I just stared him down. Free market, dude. Get there quicker next time, dick.

Work was ok. Busy but productive, which is good. The day went nice and quick which was a relief!

I came home and waited for Paul to come home too. He left work late which sucks, but he brought wine which does not suck! We watched some tv, ate leftovers of last night's dinner and chilled a little.

We also had profiteroles. Just a little snackette.

I didn't take a picture of the actual ones, as I snarfed them pretty darn quick! So here's the packaging.

I went to bed fairly early as I was falling asleep. Paul stayed up longer but I snored away!



Wednesday, 28 May 2014

22nd May 2014 - Empty

We didn't gym this morning after yesterday's late night. Sleep is important. We would have fallen asleep on the treadmill or something!

T had a late night at Katy Perry which isn't good as apparently the concert was full of young-ish kids and it didn't finish until late and they all would have school today. Bad concert organisers. Very bad.

I had a delivery today!

Treatment for my dodgy foot! I have a heat pack which you have already seen this week, but we don't really have room in our freezer for a spare bag of peas to use as an ice pack! So we bought an actual ice pack thing! We got a little one as well which is good as I can take that on holiday with us in case I get a migraine!

Speaking of holiday - I had a small panic attack about my passport today so took a stroll to the post office and sent it off! It has 7 weeks to come back. They say it takes about 3 weeks to come through. Keep your fingers crossed for me please!

After work I headed home and took on those lowly 7 shirts I had left from yesterday! They took longer than they should have but at least I got them done!

WHOOP! It's empty! For all of 2 days until I get all my washing done this weekend. Then the circle starts over again. Waaaa!

Paul and I had dinner, watched a little tv and then had another early-ish night. Boring Thursday!



Tuesday, 27 May 2014

21st May 2014 - Just another day

Wednesday is a great day! I'm pretty sure I say that every week, don't I?

No gym this morning, which is pleasant! A little lie in was enjoyed, as ever! Then to work!

T was on a half day today, as she was taking her daughter to see Katy Perry so I had company for half the day and had my audiobook for the rest of the day! I finished The Convert (very good but a bit grim in parts!) and remembered that there was a new release from Charlaine Harris! As the Sookie Stackhouse series finished last year, some authors who liked the books have written their own short stories for some of the secondary characters and they've been made into an audiobook! I don't think they're released on paper yet which makes it extra exciting!

Wow, my ipod is battered!

I'm enjoying it so far!

A was in a good mood all afternoon which made work a little more cope-able I suppose! I also called a client to discuss her compensation claim and was on the phone for a while to her. The afternoon actually went quite quickly. That has it's perks I guess!

I got home, sat around for a little while but wasn't inspired by anything. Paul was at a function and Chris couldn't come over so it was me and the kitties.

Taken from Tumblr. Sorry Andrew, but Jonathan is still my favourite 'Trio' member.
There was only one thing for it. I had to get out my old friend Mr Iron and keep going with the clothes mountain. Seriously, how do we have so much ironing every week?!

I listened to some more audiobook but didn't want to finish it too soon, so decided to put The Avengers on in the background. I have seen that movie a LOT! When I was at Uni, I used to put films like Bridget Jones and Legally Blond one while I ironed. Now it's superhero movies. How I have changed!

The time flew by and I was getting tired so had to stop. Still haven't finished it all. There are 7 shirts left. That's manageable. I should have just continued but it was getting late.

Another Buffy gif from Tumblr. should have been #Whedonsday after all!
I went to bed and dozed for a while until I heard Paul get home. It was really late to still be awake. So I didn't!



Monday, 26 May 2014

20th May 2014 - Fat Foot!

Another morning of getting up and going to the gym! Winner! I did a kinetic circuit and some more of the stretches as prescribed by the Italian torturer! Ouch.

It was really quite painful. When I got home I looked at my feet and could see the difference. My right foot is swollen. Not just the ankle, the whole flippin' foot!

You can see the attractive marks from my bandage but you can kinda also see that the bottom of my foot doesn't have the same arch as the other and that the skin is also much darker than the other. Residual bruise. Waaaa.

After feeling sorry for myself for far too long I got myself ready for work and toddled off there for another thrilling and exciting day. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Yeah, that was a funny joke!

I was given some new claims to process, which is all very well but I know nothing about the workings of said types of claim (criminal injury) and am now expected to handle them, input them and generally look after them. Yeah. Real pleased about that!

My ankle was really sore today, even wearing my trainers to work.That's not good. So instead of doing more ironing, I put my foot up and rested it with some heat.

At first I didn't like it. Then it was the best thing EVER! Very healing! Took loads of the swelling down! Shame it didn't last but it felt goooooood!

We decided to have a ridiculously early night tonight as neither of us slept particularly well last night and needed a chance to catch up on some sleep! Fingers crossed!



Sunday, 25 May 2014

19th May 2014 - You can stand under my umbrella.

It was rather warm this morning. As it had been all weekend! I REALLY didn't want to be in work as the weather was still so pleasant!

We got up and went to the gym first because we're good! It was fairly quiet! I guess people probably over-indulged this weekend due to how nice the weather was! Can't say I blame them...we indulged too!

I got to work and our office was roasting! T was later in as she was at the doctors so I opened the windows and switched on my old best friend!

I was also listening to my audiobook (as I was lonely). I am currently listening to The Convert by Fred Anderson. I'm a little bit hooked! Especially as one of his real life cats makes a cameo!

Work was REALLY boring. Are you surprised by that? Me thinks not! It comes to something when you actually look forward to getting home to do your chores!

My chores tonight? Ironing. Again. Yep, I think that's all I ever do!

 I have far too many coathangers!

I got quite a lot of ironing done but there is still some left for later on in the week. It's far too hot to be doing it all now!

And then, the tides turned. The sunshine...gone. Torrential rain descended like the world was ending!

I don't think this picture quite does it justice! I took a video on Instagram which shows just how heavy the rain was falling!

(I hope the above works. If not, you can see the video here.)

We watched tv for a while, trying to free some space on our V+ harddrive as it turns out it was full. Even though there's not that much on it, due to a crappy glitch it has. It does still have the documentaries that aired at the same time the final episode of Lost was on the tv because I'm a loser. I don't think I've even cancelled the series link. See above re loser.

We watched a few episodes of Cosmos that Paul had recorded from the National Geographic channel. Neil deGrasse Tyson is very entertaining. We have learnt a lot!

We then headed to bed. Not the most interesting of days to tell you about but after all that fun of the weekend, we need a down day!



Saturday, 24 May 2014

18th May 2014 - Al Fresco Shenanigans!

I didn't have a great night's sleep, probably due to how warm it was, so was a little (read a lot) lazier than I had been previously this weekend.

Paul got up to go for a run and I did a few chores while he was out. Rather slowly, admittedly. Paul came back and was rather soggy and dehydrated. It's still rather warm out, possibly a little too warm to be running without a hydration station. While he dried off, I had a shower, then he did, then we popped out for a little bit. I had an urgent matter to attend to. AKA my passport.

We go on holiday soon and it's been booked in my married name. My passport is still in my maiden name. Yeah. Slight predicament. With the holiday edging closer and closer, I can't procrastinate any more. I put on a full but subtle face of make up and went to get papped.

Not impressed with the pic to be honest! My hair looks dark (it was wet, I guess) and I just look so miserable. Stupid rule about not being able to smile even a little bit! Oh well, 10 years of this in my passport. Terrific.

Paul dropped me back home and I got on with even more housework! I admire my dedication! Paul came back and we fixed the boiler cupboard which I've been meaning to do for ages, then I cleaned the bathroom.

Afterwards, I felt like I deserved a good long rest. After all, my leg still isn't 100%. Can't be working too hard!

Barney knows what it's like to work too hard!

Those darn bits of rubbish floating out in the alley won't bring themselves into the yard without his hard work!

He found his next resting place pretty quick! I was letting the bathroom dry a bit but Barney had other ideas!

Instead of getting back down the way he came in, he jumped down into the bathroom. Where the door was clearly shut to stop him getting in. Which meant he couldn't get out and put cat hair over the wet floor. Great.

There is someone else who wanted a turn. Clue - it wasn't Paul. Although I'm sure he'd want a go too, if he could!

Maia doesn't ordinarily go up there and was sliding all over the show, but she was so happy and purring away I was ready to catch her if she fell!

What is it with that window?!

We chilled outside for the rest of the evening again. Because we can and it's nice enough out to do so!

I noticed that my manky pedicure is attached to some rather mis-matched feet.

Note that the one on the right is a little...thicker...than the one on the left? Yeah. Didn't realise how much bigger it was until tonight. Ouchy. Very ouchy. I don't even have an inner ankle on that side with all the swelling. Waaaaaa.

Upside down Maia wasn't particularly bothered. She was just rollin.

We had a yummy dinner of sausage and mash, in the dining room, which was rather enjoyable indeed!

Mmmmmmmmm! My favourite.

We sat out for a bit longer before heading in to go to bed. No desire to go to work tomorrow after all the sunshine! I want to enjoy it more! It makes me so happy!



Friday, 23 May 2014

17th May 2014 - Tiddy-om-pom POM!

Saturday morning and I woke up around 8am feeling fine! I think Paul was ok too, which is good!

I had a few things that I wanted to get done today, after being kinda lazy last weekend, but there was one thing that was hindering that plan. It was going to be a scorcher of a weekend! After naff weather these last few weeks, it was going to be warm and sunny and nice!

Which made me get up out of bed and be productive! I was up by 9! This is unheard of!

I gave Paul some tasks to do and I headed out into the yard as I decided I wanted to give it a good clear out and blast it with the jet wash! We did it last year and haven't had the weather to do it since but I really enjoyed sitting in it last year when it was nice and doing all my wedding crafts out there so why not? Plus it means we can have a dining table which is an even bigger incentive!

We had some stuff that needed chucking out so I opened the gate to put it in the alley for a while and discovered one of our lovely neighbours decided to use the space literally outside our gate as their bin, leaving full bin bags just sat there. Right next to wheelie bins which were not full. I was not happy.

I moved the bin bags only to discover millions (probably literally) of ants, a few slugs and LOADS of flies streaming where they had been. ARGH. I needed to have a rant or two. It's just rude. It's quite clearly a gate so why do people think that it's ok to put their (literal) crap there?

Anyway, once I got my rant off my chest (to Paul on the phone and also to my parents!) I decided to start washing out the yard with bleach and hot water.

Not the most fun process but necessary! The bleach would help remove any kitty...odours...that may be hanging around.

Paul eventually got back from doing some shopping and he also came bearing gifts! A wedding gift to be precise! We had been gifted the following by C & D but they hadn't been in stock at the time of delivery being off season. Well, it's definitely season now so Paul went to collect this:

A ruck sack? Not just any ruck sack...

A picnic set! I LOVE IT! I was so excited by this and gutted that we didn't get one at gift delivery time! As the weather was going to be so nice we decided that after we'd done our work, we'd go for a short drive and have lunch there!

So back to work we go! Meaning Paul's turn to get his feet wet - this time with the jet wash!

I think he enjoys doing it. Just a tiny bit!

There were also some large spiders living in the hosepipe. I wasn't so keen on those.

Once it was jet washed and I was satisfied, Paul got to preparing some food and I showered. Then - TO THE BEACH!

A proper sandy beach too! This is also the beach where we had our pre-wedding photos taken.

Nice sign. Shame that it was completely ignored. Bad public. Very bad.

The thing with the beaches up here is that the sea is VERY far away! The tide went further out the longer we were there but it was such a lovely day we didn't care! What's the point in living so close to the seaside and not going to enjoy it?!

This is the life! :) Those pasty white legs need some vitamin D!

We stayed at the beach for a good few hours, enjoying the relaxation and doing absolutely nothing. It was divine! We then decided to head home but first we had to go for a little paddle!

The walk to the sea was even further away. It probably took about 5 minutes to walk to it!

Over there in the distance you might just be able to make out Blackpool Tower!

 Paul having a paddle! It wasn't too cold! Nowhere near as warm as it had been last year when we went but still quite refreshing!

 Me in my short which it turns out are too big for me. Which is nice!

 Coastal view! Very pretty! We'll definitely come back next time the weather is nice!

When we got back, the yard had near enough dried, which was good, so I set to and put some of the furniture back out into the yard.

He so loves climbing the ladder. Those paw prints are quite embarrassing. I also don't think they are kitty paw prints. Huh. Can't see those in real life. Think I should go clean up out there!

I decided I wanted to stay outside, so after the FA Cup Final finished, Paul came out to join me! Barney also found somewhere else to cozy up!

 I wish Maia liked being in her box so much!

We were both still not so hungry after our picnic so we had 'picky bits' with salad for our dinner.

That tart was goats cheese and red pepper. It was DIVINE!

It was going dark so instead of heading inside, we got some candles and sat out by candlelight instead! We had a visitor as well!

Guys, this is Phil. He was one of the large spiders that was living in the hosepipe. The next time I turned around, a few seconds later he was gone. That was alarming.

After a while I was getting tired (and tipsy) so headed to bed. Successful day! Productive and relaxing at the same time! Winner!