Friday, 16 May 2014

10th May 2014 - A Maia special!

Both Paul and I woke up stupidly early. Luckily for both of us, we were able to get back to sleep again! We didn't wait up til well after 9am! This is good!

We vegetated for a while and discussed what we were going to do this weekend (spoiler - we did very little of it) and then chatted about random stuff!

I got my laptop for some assisted googling of said random stuff (and also blog catch up!) when I got a visitor.

Can you spot anything unusual there? No? Here's a hint!


She loves to curl up under the laptop while I'm working. Occasionally getting up to mischief!

But mostly being gorgeous.

Aw, I just love her adorable little face! I just want to kiss it! Shame, she's nowhere to be seen right now!

Paul forgot to get stuff yesterday so had to quickly pop out in the nasty rain. When he came back we had an amazing gourmet lunch!

Fish Finger sandwiches are a thing of beauty!

Another restful and relaxing day and evening had. Paul did some cooking, I did some washing and then we both settled in to watch Eurovision. Not something I normally do, but we were in and it had been hyped so much this year that we felt we had to.

We take it seriously and do not do well at all. Europe does not like the UK for some reason. Other acts are not so serious and do really well. Then...well...there's this year's winner.

This song is what the UK gave it's highest point quota to. I don't know what to think. I personally preferred the French song. They sang about moustaches. It's a win for me!

Paul went to bed earlier than I did again, while I watched the results come in. Then I went to bed as well. I was exhausted!



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