Saturday, 17 May 2014

11th May 2014 - More nothing!

I woke up fairly late again, but not too bad. Paul was going training so I dozed for as long as I could. Then, when Paul left, I made the decision to get up as well so I could be productive.

Well...I did a little...ish.

There isn't really much to tell about today to be honest! We watched the Grand Prix, Soccer Sunday (it's the final day of the football season) and then some old episodes of Friends.

Maia was exhausted by it all. Note that this is the perch that Barney and his portly posterior usually inhabits and is far too big for! Maia is a perfect fit!

The Portland Timbers (our American soccer team) had an early kick off today, so we were able to watch it! YAY! So we put that on Paul's laptop and watched some 'Modern Family' on Netflix whilst eating dinner! Multi-tasking to the max!

Mmmm...meatloaf and vegetables! Delicious Sunday dinner right there!

Maia came in for the cuddle while we watched the football and the show. Was quite a lovely evening, actually!



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