Sunday, 18 May 2014

12th May 2014 - Monday

It's Monday morning and we have FINALLY gone back to the gym! Go us! I did some kinetic weights and some core exercises. Wimped out of doing my exercise program from the Italian Torturer. Maybe tomorrow.

Work wasn't as bad as we thought it was going to be. T was tired after playing out all weekend so it was quite a sombre day really. Nothing at all exciting. Which is always a shame.

I came home with all the best intentions of doing some ironing, but we all know how lazy I am! That really didn't happen! So I did some blogging, watched some tv, ate dinner and that's about it! Really uninteresting day for y'all!

What was interesting was the political communication that came through the door today. Not the usual bitch-fest that we get around this time, but I guess because it's not a local election, there's less to say, it seems!

Yeah. Vote Pirate. Never heard of the Pirates before. What they say actually is quite good. Not convinced by them, like, but hey, I'm not convinced by any politician!



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