Monday, 19 May 2014

13th May 2014 - "Healthy" baking.

Another morning, another gym session! GET IN! I did some of my exercise program. Yeah. It hurts. A lot. All up my leg and my hip. Waaaaa.

Then to work. Another day, another 'nothing really happens' blog post so I'll spare you any details. There aren't any details.

Paul was later getting home tonight. So I had some work to do. I was going to try cooking with something new! Yes, you heard read me correctly! Me! Cooking!

Coconut butter. Better than using other fats to cook with, apparently! I had seen a recipe for "Healthy" cheesecake online (I don't think it can be called healthy - better for you than regular cheesecake would be more appropriate, but that doesn't make for a good name for a dish, I guess!) and thought I should give it a whirl!

These were my ingredients. I won't go into the details of making it here, but you can find the recipe here.

Instead of a biscuit base, it is made with oats, coconut oil and honey. I was a little sceptical but it seems to have worked ok!

The 'cheesy' part of the cake is basically eggs, cream cheese, sweetener and vanilla essence. I rebelled and added some lemon zest as well as otherwise it might not taste of much. Go me, adapting recipes!

The eggs needed separating, which was easier than I thought it would be, then the whites got whisked until they were nice and spiky! Yes, I did put the bowl over my head to make sure it was firm enough. Next time I'll take a picture to prove it, but it's hard taking a selfie of you holding a heavy glass bowl over your head. Not that I tried. Aherm.

The rest of the ingredients got put into a bowl and looked disgusting.

The egg whites were folded in, and mixed all together to form yucky looking goop.

It was then ready to pour onto the base. I casually sprinkled some blueberries onto the base for a little extra pizzazz before the goop went on top!

Then it went into the pre-heated oven for about 35 minutes or so.

When it came out, it looked like this:

Not the most attractive thing in the world! Also, that bit in the middle had risen LOADS! You can't tell here but it looked so wrong! It eventually flattened out, thank goodness but it still isn't the prettiest cheesecake in the world. Just hope it tastes good! We'll test drive it on Chris, tomorrow!

Paul eventually got home, we had a quick dinner, watched the Castle finale (OH EM GEEE!) and headed to bed.



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  1. There are a lot of people (myself included) that realized that eggs and milk and dairy fat (as well as butter) are actually very healthy for you.. the only not healthy thing in that cheesecake is the sugar ;) because it is so refined and all of the minerals and nutrients were taken out, it really is empty calories.. honey, coconut sugar, molasses, are all 'better for you' sweeteners - because of the minerals and what not that come along with them.