Tuesday, 20 May 2014

14th May 2014 - Freebies and Finales

Yay for Wednesday! It's a pretty ace day of the week, no? I might go so far as saying it's my third favourite (after Saturday and Sunday, of course!) which is odd, because I know a lot of people would pick Friday over Wednesday but Friday doesn't have #Whedonsday, which lessens it's appeal to me!

Before #Whedonsday, I had work, which is the downside to any day which isn't Saturday or Sunday, but as A isn't in today, it meant we could have the lights on! Which may sound like an odd thing to say, but I must have mentioned it before, but am too lazy to go back to check!

It was a fairly long day in fairness. We had some music on to keep us going, but sometimes you need something more!

When I got home I did the last bit of prep for #Whedonsday and even helped prepare some of dinner! Twice in one week I've been allowed into the kitchen! I think this is a first!

It's only because Paul was late getting home from having a do, so Chris entertained me while I chopped veg! I even chopped an onion and didn't cry! :)

Paul got back from his do with some freebies, which is the only reason I let him go to these things don't mind him going to these things and being late home!

For some reason the pic won't rotate but there are many pens there, some chocolate, a giant lollipop, an umbrella (ella ella), two sets of headphones and a headphone splitter! I'd say that's a pretty good haul! Who doesn't need more pens, right? One of them even has a rubber end on it so you can use it on your tablet or smart phone! That's genius right there!

We started watching Buffy while Paul cooked and had a couple of good episodes in the mix. We at the Puerto Rican chicken and rice thing we had the other week while we watched. Then, due to the lateness of the commencement of #Whedonsday we couldn't fit any more Buffy into the evening as we had the season finale of Shield to watch! It was good! Can't believe we have to wait until September for it to start again! See you later, Shield! We also had cheesecake, prepared by me yesterday!

With extra blueberries and drowned in cream. Because healthy cheesecake isn't something we do here. It has to be fattening!

The boys both liked it! I couldn't taste anything. Stupid disability. The base was really nice and I definitely might do the oaty thing again. I might make it again but smaller next time as it's pretty epic a cheesecake.

After #Whedonsday was done and we were alone again, we headed up to bed. Nothing exciting there I'm afraid!



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