Wednesday, 21 May 2014

15th May 2014 - Where's Barney?

Thursday morning brought another gym session because we're good and on a roll. I did my physio programme that I got from the Italian Torturer and it was fine. Feels like a bit of a waste of going to the gym but as I don't have the space at home to do it, it's arguably the best place to go.

Then to work, which was naff. When isn't it, though, to be fair! I have much better things I could be doing!

After work I came home. Paul is out. Again. So I had a date with my ironing! YAY! Can't leave Paul shirtless, can I?

Notice anything wrong with these pictures?

 Nope - me neither.

I got a fair amount done. Not all of it by a long shot, but enough so we can get by without having to go to work in our underwear. Although judging by the weather forecast for this weekend, perhaps it would be the most comfortable outfit!

Paul wasn't too late home, so we had leftovers from last night's Puerto Rican chicken and rice and watched the finale of Arrow. Which was good. Another show we have to live without until September. Sigh.

We then had a cup of peppermint tea and headed to bed. These  two little faces were awaiting us!

So precious.



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