Thursday, 22 May 2014

16th May 2014 - Alone again. Naturally.

Rubbish night's sleep had by all so we didn't gym this morning. The alarm sounded and nothing gave me greater pleasure than resetting it to a more reasonable hour!

Work was blah, as always but at least it was Friday. That brings some comfort to the proceedings! It was warm in the office today, which was nice but on the side of the building we are on, we can't see the sun shining. For sanity-sake, sometimes that's nice as it means we can't see how lovely it is, but it's not good when sunshine puts you in a better mood!

I did have the radio on a cheesy station all day which helped matters! T and I were singing along to some 80s ditties which made us smile!

When I got home, guess what? Paul's out! Hmph. Whatever. So I sat in by myself listening to some happy songs and catching up on my blog reading. I also helped myself to this:

A nice Australian Sauvignon Blanc, witnessed by my koala which has been on that lamp (and it's predecessor) for as long as I can remember. Except when one of the cats decides they want to play with it!

It went down rather nicely!

Paul came home rather merry. As I expected he would. He bought a pizza which he cooked, we enjoyed, then he took himself off to bed at around 9pm. GREAT. So I had a look through the Sky catalogue for a nice crappy cheesy rom com to occupy me.

Found one!

New Year's Day. It was...blah. Mindless entertainment. I did cry at one bit though but it's sad and therefore I was totally justified. Waaaa.

I also did my usual weekend trick of when I'm left unsupervised, I fall asleep on the sofa! Only for an hour or so but it became pretty obvious that I needed to go to bed. Shouldn't be allowed to be alone, should I?



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