Friday, 23 May 2014

17th May 2014 - Tiddy-om-pom POM!

Saturday morning and I woke up around 8am feeling fine! I think Paul was ok too, which is good!

I had a few things that I wanted to get done today, after being kinda lazy last weekend, but there was one thing that was hindering that plan. It was going to be a scorcher of a weekend! After naff weather these last few weeks, it was going to be warm and sunny and nice!

Which made me get up out of bed and be productive! I was up by 9! This is unheard of!

I gave Paul some tasks to do and I headed out into the yard as I decided I wanted to give it a good clear out and blast it with the jet wash! We did it last year and haven't had the weather to do it since but I really enjoyed sitting in it last year when it was nice and doing all my wedding crafts out there so why not? Plus it means we can have a dining table which is an even bigger incentive!

We had some stuff that needed chucking out so I opened the gate to put it in the alley for a while and discovered one of our lovely neighbours decided to use the space literally outside our gate as their bin, leaving full bin bags just sat there. Right next to wheelie bins which were not full. I was not happy.

I moved the bin bags only to discover millions (probably literally) of ants, a few slugs and LOADS of flies streaming where they had been. ARGH. I needed to have a rant or two. It's just rude. It's quite clearly a gate so why do people think that it's ok to put their (literal) crap there?

Anyway, once I got my rant off my chest (to Paul on the phone and also to my parents!) I decided to start washing out the yard with bleach and hot water.

Not the most fun process but necessary! The bleach would help remove any kitty...odours...that may be hanging around.

Paul eventually got back from doing some shopping and he also came bearing gifts! A wedding gift to be precise! We had been gifted the following by C & D but they hadn't been in stock at the time of delivery being off season. Well, it's definitely season now so Paul went to collect this:

A ruck sack? Not just any ruck sack...

A picnic set! I LOVE IT! I was so excited by this and gutted that we didn't get one at gift delivery time! As the weather was going to be so nice we decided that after we'd done our work, we'd go for a short drive and have lunch there!

So back to work we go! Meaning Paul's turn to get his feet wet - this time with the jet wash!

I think he enjoys doing it. Just a tiny bit!

There were also some large spiders living in the hosepipe. I wasn't so keen on those.

Once it was jet washed and I was satisfied, Paul got to preparing some food and I showered. Then - TO THE BEACH!

A proper sandy beach too! This is also the beach where we had our pre-wedding photos taken.

Nice sign. Shame that it was completely ignored. Bad public. Very bad.

The thing with the beaches up here is that the sea is VERY far away! The tide went further out the longer we were there but it was such a lovely day we didn't care! What's the point in living so close to the seaside and not going to enjoy it?!

This is the life! :) Those pasty white legs need some vitamin D!

We stayed at the beach for a good few hours, enjoying the relaxation and doing absolutely nothing. It was divine! We then decided to head home but first we had to go for a little paddle!

The walk to the sea was even further away. It probably took about 5 minutes to walk to it!

Over there in the distance you might just be able to make out Blackpool Tower!

 Paul having a paddle! It wasn't too cold! Nowhere near as warm as it had been last year when we went but still quite refreshing!

 Me in my short which it turns out are too big for me. Which is nice!

 Coastal view! Very pretty! We'll definitely come back next time the weather is nice!

When we got back, the yard had near enough dried, which was good, so I set to and put some of the furniture back out into the yard.

He so loves climbing the ladder. Those paw prints are quite embarrassing. I also don't think they are kitty paw prints. Huh. Can't see those in real life. Think I should go clean up out there!

I decided I wanted to stay outside, so after the FA Cup Final finished, Paul came out to join me! Barney also found somewhere else to cozy up!

 I wish Maia liked being in her box so much!

We were both still not so hungry after our picnic so we had 'picky bits' with salad for our dinner.

That tart was goats cheese and red pepper. It was DIVINE!

It was going dark so instead of heading inside, we got some candles and sat out by candlelight instead! We had a visitor as well!

Guys, this is Phil. He was one of the large spiders that was living in the hosepipe. The next time I turned around, a few seconds later he was gone. That was alarming.

After a while I was getting tired (and tipsy) so headed to bed. Successful day! Productive and relaxing at the same time! Winner!



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