Saturday, 24 May 2014

18th May 2014 - Al Fresco Shenanigans!

I didn't have a great night's sleep, probably due to how warm it was, so was a little (read a lot) lazier than I had been previously this weekend.

Paul got up to go for a run and I did a few chores while he was out. Rather slowly, admittedly. Paul came back and was rather soggy and dehydrated. It's still rather warm out, possibly a little too warm to be running without a hydration station. While he dried off, I had a shower, then he did, then we popped out for a little bit. I had an urgent matter to attend to. AKA my passport.

We go on holiday soon and it's been booked in my married name. My passport is still in my maiden name. Yeah. Slight predicament. With the holiday edging closer and closer, I can't procrastinate any more. I put on a full but subtle face of make up and went to get papped.

Not impressed with the pic to be honest! My hair looks dark (it was wet, I guess) and I just look so miserable. Stupid rule about not being able to smile even a little bit! Oh well, 10 years of this in my passport. Terrific.

Paul dropped me back home and I got on with even more housework! I admire my dedication! Paul came back and we fixed the boiler cupboard which I've been meaning to do for ages, then I cleaned the bathroom.

Afterwards, I felt like I deserved a good long rest. After all, my leg still isn't 100%. Can't be working too hard!

Barney knows what it's like to work too hard!

Those darn bits of rubbish floating out in the alley won't bring themselves into the yard without his hard work!

He found his next resting place pretty quick! I was letting the bathroom dry a bit but Barney had other ideas!

Instead of getting back down the way he came in, he jumped down into the bathroom. Where the door was clearly shut to stop him getting in. Which meant he couldn't get out and put cat hair over the wet floor. Great.

There is someone else who wanted a turn. Clue - it wasn't Paul. Although I'm sure he'd want a go too, if he could!

Maia doesn't ordinarily go up there and was sliding all over the show, but she was so happy and purring away I was ready to catch her if she fell!

What is it with that window?!

We chilled outside for the rest of the evening again. Because we can and it's nice enough out to do so!

I noticed that my manky pedicure is attached to some rather mis-matched feet.

Note that the one on the right is a little...thicker...than the one on the left? Yeah. Didn't realise how much bigger it was until tonight. Ouchy. Very ouchy. I don't even have an inner ankle on that side with all the swelling. Waaaaaa.

Upside down Maia wasn't particularly bothered. She was just rollin.

We had a yummy dinner of sausage and mash, in the dining room, which was rather enjoyable indeed!

Mmmmmmmmm! My favourite.

We sat out for a bit longer before heading in to go to bed. No desire to go to work tomorrow after all the sunshine! I want to enjoy it more! It makes me so happy!



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