Sunday, 25 May 2014

19th May 2014 - You can stand under my umbrella.

It was rather warm this morning. As it had been all weekend! I REALLY didn't want to be in work as the weather was still so pleasant!

We got up and went to the gym first because we're good! It was fairly quiet! I guess people probably over-indulged this weekend due to how nice the weather was! Can't say I blame them...we indulged too!

I got to work and our office was roasting! T was later in as she was at the doctors so I opened the windows and switched on my old best friend!

I was also listening to my audiobook (as I was lonely). I am currently listening to The Convert by Fred Anderson. I'm a little bit hooked! Especially as one of his real life cats makes a cameo!

Work was REALLY boring. Are you surprised by that? Me thinks not! It comes to something when you actually look forward to getting home to do your chores!

My chores tonight? Ironing. Again. Yep, I think that's all I ever do!

 I have far too many coathangers!

I got quite a lot of ironing done but there is still some left for later on in the week. It's far too hot to be doing it all now!

And then, the tides turned. The sunshine...gone. Torrential rain descended like the world was ending!

I don't think this picture quite does it justice! I took a video on Instagram which shows just how heavy the rain was falling!

(I hope the above works. If not, you can see the video here.)

We watched tv for a while, trying to free some space on our V+ harddrive as it turns out it was full. Even though there's not that much on it, due to a crappy glitch it has. It does still have the documentaries that aired at the same time the final episode of Lost was on the tv because I'm a loser. I don't think I've even cancelled the series link. See above re loser.

We watched a few episodes of Cosmos that Paul had recorded from the National Geographic channel. Neil deGrasse Tyson is very entertaining. We have learnt a lot!

We then headed to bed. Not the most interesting of days to tell you about but after all that fun of the weekend, we need a down day!



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