Wednesday, 7 May 2014

1st May 2014 - Visitors

Another early morning for me! Paul was back in work today after a few days off. However, I was getting visitors so had to make sure that the house was presentable for the people that were coming!

My friend Lucy and her little one, A, were coming over for breakfast! Although by the time they got to me it was really brunch! We had brioche and juice and caught up on a few weeks of gossip! I also got to see her baby bump for the first time which was nice! Due in July! EEK!

They also brought me some lovely flowers for my birthday! Aw!

A, meanwhile, was running round the house after Barney! Wore him out!

All too soon they left to take A to nursery and Barney was able to chill out! He was knackered!

He was, however, tempted by A's leftover brioche...

I love the fact that A is actually in the photo in the background waving at Barney in these pictures!

I had work to do for the rest of the afternoon. It's Annabel's birthday next week so I had to make her a card!

My crafting box with some of my art materials. I didn't actually take a picture of Annabel's card. It has cats on it. That's all I'm saying.

I rested for the rest of the day. I was in a LOT of pain after yesterday's session with Alessandro. Look! Look what he did!

It's rather bruised and swollen. Oops. Ouch.

Paul got home from work and made some dinner. We then relaxed for the rest of the evening, having a not so late night. Paul has to work again tomorrow. Me - I have no plans until later on! Get in!



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