Monday, 26 May 2014

20th May 2014 - Fat Foot!

Another morning of getting up and going to the gym! Winner! I did a kinetic circuit and some more of the stretches as prescribed by the Italian torturer! Ouch.

It was really quite painful. When I got home I looked at my feet and could see the difference. My right foot is swollen. Not just the ankle, the whole flippin' foot!

You can see the attractive marks from my bandage but you can kinda also see that the bottom of my foot doesn't have the same arch as the other and that the skin is also much darker than the other. Residual bruise. Waaaa.

After feeling sorry for myself for far too long I got myself ready for work and toddled off there for another thrilling and exciting day. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Yeah, that was a funny joke!

I was given some new claims to process, which is all very well but I know nothing about the workings of said types of claim (criminal injury) and am now expected to handle them, input them and generally look after them. Yeah. Real pleased about that!

My ankle was really sore today, even wearing my trainers to work.That's not good. So instead of doing more ironing, I put my foot up and rested it with some heat.

At first I didn't like it. Then it was the best thing EVER! Very healing! Took loads of the swelling down! Shame it didn't last but it felt goooooood!

We decided to have a ridiculously early night tonight as neither of us slept particularly well last night and needed a chance to catch up on some sleep! Fingers crossed!



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