Tuesday, 27 May 2014

21st May 2014 - Just another day

Wednesday is a great day! I'm pretty sure I say that every week, don't I?

No gym this morning, which is pleasant! A little lie in was enjoyed, as ever! Then to work!

T was on a half day today, as she was taking her daughter to see Katy Perry so I had company for half the day and had my audiobook for the rest of the day! I finished The Convert (very good but a bit grim in parts!) and remembered that there was a new release from Charlaine Harris! As the Sookie Stackhouse series finished last year, some authors who liked the books have written their own short stories for some of the secondary characters and they've been made into an audiobook! I don't think they're released on paper yet which makes it extra exciting!

Wow, my ipod is battered!

I'm enjoying it so far!

A was in a good mood all afternoon which made work a little more cope-able I suppose! I also called a client to discuss her compensation claim and was on the phone for a while to her. The afternoon actually went quite quickly. That has it's perks I guess!

I got home, sat around for a little while but wasn't inspired by anything. Paul was at a function and Chris couldn't come over so it was me and the kitties.

Taken from Tumblr. Sorry Andrew, but Jonathan is still my favourite 'Trio' member.
There was only one thing for it. I had to get out my old friend Mr Iron and keep going with the clothes mountain. Seriously, how do we have so much ironing every week?!

I listened to some more audiobook but didn't want to finish it too soon, so decided to put The Avengers on in the background. I have seen that movie a LOT! When I was at Uni, I used to put films like Bridget Jones and Legally Blond one while I ironed. Now it's superhero movies. How I have changed!

The time flew by and I was getting tired so had to stop. Still haven't finished it all. There are 7 shirts left. That's manageable. I should have just continued but it was getting late.

Another Buffy gif from Tumblr. Well...it should have been #Whedonsday after all!
I went to bed and dozed for a while until I heard Paul get home. It was really late to still be awake. So I didn't!



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