Friday, 30 May 2014

24th May 2014 - A Relaxing Day...of sorts...

Saturday morning. The unofficial day of rest! How wonderful Saturday mornings are!

So that's exactly what we did! Rest! Except I also took pictures of my wonky ankle, just to show you al! You're welcome!

See how the one on the right points in more than the other. Yep - wonk. It's not supposed to do that!

We also took the opportunity to furminate the kittens! It's Barney that needs the most work but he wasn't impressed with the process. Maia, on the other paw, LOVED IT!

Aw, my baby's going grey. :(

Here's all that fur tightly compacted into a ball. That's quite a big ball. Don't believe me? Here, see this:

That's the ball of fur next to a 20p piece! Whilst 20ps aren't huge, it's better than a 5p!

The yield from Barney wasn't great.

For comparative purposes. Barney, however, decided the ball of his fur was the best. toy. ever! He chased it around the house for ages, even playing fetch with it for a while until he lost it! I was scared he might try to eat it but no! Play!

I had a nice bath while Paul watched the Grand Prix qualifying. Had to primp myself good and proper.

After some sitting around, we had an appointment to attend to! The shoe shop! The Italian (non)torturer advised that I should get a better pair of shoes so I did! They're pretty! I didn't take a picture. Soz.

We then headed (in the torrential rain) to The Crowne Plaza on the docks in Liverpool to the spa! We had massages to have!

After some standing around, we were taken to a small conference room and asked to remove our clothing for our massage in front of a glass windowed door. Ok, so that's not quite what happened (we were in swim suits) but other than that it's the truth! We had massages in a conference room! They asked us to strip as we'd been in the jacuzzi first and they didn't like the wet costumes on the bed. Hmmm.

The massages were nice. They beat up Paul's back, gave us a small facial, tore my arms up (not literally but it flamin' hurt!) then asked us if we enjoyed it! There will be bruising. Yay.

Once we left there we decided we were a little peckish so headed for some food at a little place called Lucha Libra.

It was yummy! Want some food pic spam?! OK!

Chicken Quesadilla. Mmmm!

Pork burrito! MmmMmmMMMM!

It was really reasonably priced and we'll definitely go back, ordering more next time!

We then went on a bit of a small circuit of town! Paul has an Independent Liverpool card so we got discounts/freebies along the way!

Free Sambucca shot with every round. It's a little early...but sure!

We then went to a little place round the corner which sold beer in glass tankards! Big and little ones!

So cute!

Little glass!

Big glass!

After a few drinks we went home!

Train journey for the win!

We got some pudding which we ate when we got in, then we went to bed, both exhausted. Relaxing day? More like painful and exhausting day!


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