Thursday, 1 May 2014

25th April 2014 - Chickity China!

It's Friday! WHOOP! It's the end of the week! YEAH!

It was a long morning but at least Barney was better behaved...sort of...

He decided that he wanted to get dressed in my trousers that I was going to wear for work. Thanks Barn. Too cute!

Work was a REALLY long day. I got there and discovered a note on my desk with a list of things that needed doing by the end of the day because I'm off all next week. Yeah. They've known that I've got next week off for a while. Why ask me to do all of this at the last minute? Why not ask me to my face? Putting it on a piece of paper really narked me.

I got most of it done and trained up T to do some of my jobs while I am off. Which now makes me dispensable. Nice.

Ah well, at least when the time came we got to celebrate that it's the end of the day! With FIZZ! WE had FIZZ FRIDAY!


Then it was time to go home, which I did and discovered that I was famished! Lucky for me, there was food in the fridge with my name on it. Sadly for me, apparently others believed they were entitled to the food as well...


Eventually I got managed to eat my chicken in peace, then Paul came home and we had proper dinner, chilled out and then went to bed. Not a crazy evening at all, but a good start to a week away from the office.



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