Saturday, 31 May 2014

25th May 2014 - Barney-rific!

So it turns out I went to bed later than I thought I did! I have no idea what I was watching but I was still up after midnight, which means I have pics for today as well!

Oh, LOL! I do remember what I was watching! The first part of the last Twishite movie was on tv so I watched some of that. It was so bad I needed to see the second part! Call it insane curiosity! I know what 'they' say about curiosity and cats and after that I was tending to agree with them!

It was AWFUL. REALLY awful. I don't think I have ever seen a worse movie! I've seen some stinkers but I think I was vocally heckling it out loud! Surprised I didn't wake Paul up! That baby was scary!

Anyway, I think I must have gone to bed at about 1am. Oops.

I didn't wake up overly early and had a lazy few hours once I did! Which was good. Actually, we had a fairly lazy day! We did get some chores done which was good, we watched the Monaco Grand Prix which was good and we relaxed some, which is good! We also coo'd some more over Barney who was being extra cute all day!


Aw! It was too bright for a Barney! Oh, and Barney is wishing you all a happy Towel Day! See - he has his towel! Good boy!

He's also going a bit grey in his young age! Aw!

After the Grand Prix we decided to watch a movie. I blindly pointed to one of the DVDs on the geek shelves and we ended up with The Beach! Not a bad movie to pick so we watched it!

I hadn't seen the film since it was out at the cinema! I remember that I missed one bit of it and didn't have a clue what was going on at the end! I got it this time. Phew!

Then, time for another film. Sadly my random pointing at dvds didn't work so well at picking anything for us, so we scrolled through Sky Movies and came upon Iron Man 3. We hadn't seen it before. We enjoyed it.

We had time then for another film! Get us! 3 in one day! I didn't want anything too serious as concentration was starting to wane. So another little look through Sky Movies gave us This Is The End. Harmless fun. A little bit nuts but what do you expect?

We had dinner, pizza and nibbles, and a nice bottle of wine. Very relaxing!

I also noticed that some of the ouchies from yesterday's massage are starting to reveal themselves...

That's some definite bruising on my bicep! Attractive!

Then to bed. At a more reasonable hour than last night!



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