Friday, 2 May 2014

26th April 2014 - Playful Barneys!

Ah Saturday, my old friend! You've come back to me after so long!

We decided to have a fairly lazy morning, but put it to some good use by making a list of jobs that we need to get done. It was quite a big list. EEK!

So we got up ready to get to it! I sorted some stuff and tidied some stuff. Paul got some jobs done downstairs. All the while Paul's spot had been reclaimed by another man!

He got under the duvet and made himself at home without a problem, even sleeping with his head on Paul's pillow! Too cute!

At midday I stopped doing little jobs and got on with one of the bigger jobs- the ironing. My favourite!

There wasn't much to do but better to get it all finished today while Paul's at the football.

I did well, except I burnt a finger. You can't really see that I did. But I did. *I also need to do my nails...damn...*

I made myself some pasta bolognaise for dinner and watched some TV while waiting for Paul to come home. I then heard a rather distracting noise coming from the bathroom vicinity...Barney had found himself yet another home...

How he loves that open window! I'm surprised it's strong enough! He was up there, meowing to himself for a little while, then came inside, meowing some more. I think he was asking me to close the window as it was getting a little chilly.

Paul got in and had a bite to eat and a glass of wine and we watched some more tv. I then headed to bed, Paul not long after me. Productive day.



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