Saturday, 3 May 2014

27th April 2014 - More chores!

There's no better way to spend your weekend than being productive and making your house a nicer place, right?

That's what we did! We got our chores done and  had a good productive day!

Not Barney. He went long.

I got a few loads of washing done and dry, which is great. Except it means that my once empty laundry basket is now full again. GREAT.

Seriously though, how can shirts get so tangled together in just one wash?! I've never seen such tangle! No idea why I couldn't get a non-shaky pic of it. Lack of gin I suppose.

I also got attacked by a Maia today who thought it would be fun to go for her Mummy. I disagree. She hasn't half got sharp teeth. No more playing with Maia this evening!

We had dinner and watched some TV. Started watching Modern Family, which was good! I quite like it! Easy entertainment. We had a cheeky pudding.

It was gross. I will never eat a Rum baba again. Bleugh.

Paul watched the Portland Timbers game online and I chilled. We then went to bed, albeit quite late. For a Sunday. Oops.



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