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29th April 2014 - 29 again!

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Yep - today I turn eleventy one. Ok, maybe more like thirty one. But I feel a little more like eleventy one right now!

Can't believe it's 10 years since my 21st birthday and this happened...

Feather boa, tiara, giant 21st badge and family! The difference 10 years makes!

Bad sleep was had by me. Woke up around 3am and that was it. I didn't get back to sleep until around 5. So any plans for an early gym session went out the window!

After a brew in bed, I opened my cards and gift - new Converse! Thank you, Paul! We then got ready to leave and started our nice train trek across country!

Yep, the Kirkhams had a day trip to York! Something a little different for my birthday!

Rail trip Paul has some book time!

 I discover a giant Vimto bottle in Manchester!

The train journey was about 2 1/2 hours and in that time I was able to finish reading The Hobbit (looking forward to seeing how they do the last film now, considering Bilbo is unconscious for most of the big battle and therefore only hears about the significant...deaths...*spoiler*

We were also joined for a short while by the scariest man I have ever seen in my life. He was watching the new 300 movie (without headphones) and enjoying the violence. He then put on some very hard metal music (could I sound any more posh?) and had no awareness of the people around him really not liking the noise! He also sat counting a wad of £20 notes unafraid of the fact that people could see. He probably was very aware of the fact that he is the scariest man ever.

Anyway, we journeyed and we got to York around lunch time! It was good weather and so the first thing we decided to do, after getting a map was a lovely cream tea! It's my birthday and I WANT SCONES!

I polished that off without a challenge! It was yummy!

Such a pretty view in the sunshine!

We decided that we were going to visit the York Dungeons but not until later that afternoon. So we had a good 5 hours or so to whatever we so wished! So we took a stroll around the city and came upon Clifford's Tower. So naturally, we decided to take a look!

 That hill doesn't look that high. It is. We climbed the many steps to get up there, paid the admissions fee, had a wander around the ground floor then climbed the wonky steps to go to the top and get amazing views over the city!

And yes, the views were amazing. However we both got a little bit queasy from being so high! Turns out that the older we get, the less confident with heights we are! So we went back down again!

Didn't half feel stupid though, as there were kids running around with no fear whatsoever! The joys of being young!

When we came back down again we were greeted by some local wildlife!

Yep - the lovely creature did a nice big dump as I was taking the picture. The other one does not look impressed!

As we turned the corner, we found more!

This picture doesn't do the chicklets justice. Those little babies were neon yellowy-green! Like mini high-vis jackets! So cute!

From Clifford's Tower, we took a stroll up to York Minster. It's massive! I couldn't get anywhere near all of it in a picture! I really need a decent camera!

We live in a city with two Cathedrals. I grew up in a Cathedral city with a pretty amazing Cathedral. This one kinda trumps them all!

After we had a good look around, we decided to go for a drink. We found a little pretentious looking bar and stopped for a really expensive pint!

Can't remember what Paul's was called so I'll have to ask him when he gets in. Paul had a pint of Odells 'Cut Throat Porter'. Mine, on the right hand side, was called Black Cat. I think you can probably guess why I ordered it! It wasn't what I was after, to be honest, but it was inoffensive. I see a drink called 'Black Cat', I have to try it, right?

After our drink, we then decided to have another look around! We found a shop called 'The Cat Gallery' and had a look around in there! It was like a haven for people like me! Somehow - and I don't know how - I managed to leave without spending a single penny! As we left, a Chinese lady clearly didn't have the same luck, when her bill came to £160!

From there, we decided to walk some of the city walls! Because if there's a wall around the city, you gotta walk 'em!

Paul and the wall!


We walked a fair way. The views were fabulous. York is very pretty indeed! Noticing that my ankle was a little swollen (it's still ouchy) we headed to a local bar for a quick drink.

The Golden Fleece in York is apparently haunted. If you look behind Paul, you may see a skeleton at the bar enjoying a local ale.

I was looking to see if I could find any information about the pub being haunted. Instead I found this:

Yeah. Sorry.

We had a drink there then headed to York Dungeon where about 8 of us learnt the local history and were shamed in the process. I nearly had my tongue cut and Paul was locked in a cage for being from Lancashire. Good times!

It lasted about 70 minutes and was ok. I think there was any excuse to squirt us with water pretending that it's blood. Fun, but meant I had to keep cleaning my glasses.

We went for a walk to try to decide where to have dinner and came passed this.

A proper war plane! I took this for my Dad as he's into that sort of thing. I think it's a Hurricane, but I don't know my planes so can't say for sure!

We then visited a pub, which had a great name. The House of Trembling Madness. We stayed for a drink and could have eaten there but nothing was really catching our eye. Except all the taxidermy on the walls. That's weird.

Coming down the stairs to leave, we noticed this little sign.

York really is haunted. Apparently. Maybe I should get one of those for my house.

We headed to a little bistro called 'Concerto' for dinner, which served proper grub. Very nice too.

I had chicken ham and leek pie with mash, cheese sauce and veg. There was a LOT of it! I couldn't eat it all. I did eat all my greens though and left mostly white carbs, so I was fairly well behaved!

Paul had Dauphinoise potatoes with a chicken and chorizo filling. He polished off the lot. Naturally!

It soon came time to head back to the station to catch our train. We walked some more of the walls to get there and stopped at the shop for a cheeky treat to add to our journey.

The kind people in the shop also had plastic cups for us to drink it from so we didn't have to be chavvy and swig from the bottle! Go York!

Selfie with my fizz!

The journey home didn't seem to take anywhere near as long as the one there! Which was probably because I fell asleep in Manchester and didn't really wake up til we were back in Liverpool!

When we got back, we had a quick peppermint tea and I headed to bed. Best place for me I think!

It was a good day! I enjoyed it very much!



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  1. I demanded a recount when I turned 30.. because it just felt way too fast..