Tuesday, 6 May 2014

30th April 2014 - Torture

Another day another lie in! Yep, it's the 3rd day off in a row and I'm loving the not having to get up thing!

It was nice to wake up to my kitties giving me a cuddle! Maia on my legs and Barney at my feet!

Check out those glowy belly dots! :)

 My kitties are just so darn cute!

 It's hard being a Barney. He was squeaking his snores out while dreaming! So cute!

Maia was just chilling too. I think it's the only time they get along no problems!

My ankle and leg was quite sore today after all the walking yesterday, so Paul decided that I was going to get an appointment with a physio to see what it is that's wrong with me. They managed to fit me in really quickly! Later on today as a matter of fact! So I got up and showered then we headed into town so I could get my leg checked out.

The place that we went was very odd. It was on the fourth floor of an office building but there was nobody there! No reception or anything! So I sat and waited. Eventually a nice (HA!) Italian chap came out and got to work on my leg!

He said he needed to get the blood to the muscle and it is definitely the calf that is causing the problems with my ankle. He massaged the ankle, then moved up to my calf and then also did some work on my lower inner thigh. It hurt. A lot. He said "Italian physiotherapy hurts more than English"...hmmm...I'm inclined to agree!

From there we went to the shop to grab a few little bits and bobs and then headed home. We had some stuff to do there before we had extra special birthday #Whedonsday!

It was fun! I also got gifts! WHOOP WHOOP! Extra special gifts as they were wrapped in home-made wrapping paper!

Chris is so creative! All the #Whedonsday goodness we experience right there!

What did I get? WELL!

It's a Deadly Storm comic, as referenced in Castle! AWESOME! Can't wait to read this!

Also what looks like the most amazing movie ever! David Hasselhoff as Nick Fury! This is going to be AWESOME! If Stan Lee thinks that David Hasselhoff is the ultimate Nick Fury he must be really disappointed with Samuel L Jackson!

Instead of our regular #Whedonsday viewing, we watched the new Joss movie, In Your Eyes. It's really good. Extremely cringy in parts, but good! We enjoyed it very much! We also watched the latest ep of #SHIELD which was also really good!

After #Whedonsday was over it was time for me to do my exercises as advised by Alessandro. I then also noticed that he had bruised me. He had told me he might. Yep - he was right.

Ignore my ugly feet. The bruises are actually new and sore. Not a good look, huh?

Bed time!



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