Friday, 9 May 2014

3rd May 2014 - Blurry

Saturday. It wasn't too late a night last night but we were still a little lazy this morning. In that laziness time I got grand designs on the house and that I wanted to wallpaper the living room and also redecorate the bedroom. So I made Paul take me to the local DIY shop to get some wallpaper samples!

When we got back Paul got into the shower and I tried to decide which wallpaper I liked best. There was a knock at the door. Now generally I don't answer the door as I'm crap at telling sales people where to go. They knocked again so I answered it. It was the lady who lives in the house opposite saying that a car had just rolled down the hill and collided into Paul's. GREAT.


Seems as though the person who owns the car forgot to put his handbrake on properly so it rolled into us. So our next job was finding who the car belonged to. It turns out that the chap lives halfway up the street on the other side of the road!

He was mortified, of course, but once he backed his car up there was only a tiny dint by the registration plate so no real damage done.

Paul went off to the football and I was chilling when the guy knocked on our door with a bottle of wine and a small bottle of whisky to apologise again! Bless him! I suppose it is pretty embarrassing for him! Then again, had our car not been there, it would have rolled further down the street and could even have gone into the next road and done more damage. EEKS.

Pretty soon I had to shower and get ready as I had a hot date with an ITU nurse! Koran and I were going out to celebrate our birthdays in style!

So once I got ready (and it took a good while!) I headed out to town to meet Koran for our catch up.


These are some of the pictures I took...

So yeah. You might have gathered it was a  bit of a boozy one! Things I remember:

- The cocktails were expensive
- My feet hurt a LOT (wearing heels while dealing with bad calves/ankles is not a good plan).
- Some guy hit his head on the brick floor and Koran helped keep him conscious while waiting for the paramedics (the picture of floor above is actually of all the blood that was left behind)
- I somehow ended up in The Raz, where I used to go on student nights out and haven't been there for a VERY long time
- My Cat Eye glasses are very popular and got a lot of attention!
- Koran went to get pizza and I stood outside talking to a guy from New Zealand. I managed to convince him that I too was from New Zealand so clearly my Kiwi accent (learned mostly from Lord of the Rings special features I imagine) is awesome!

Yeah...that's about it! Was a good night! Boozy and costly but we haven't partied like that for a good long time!

Of course I woke Paul up when I got in, which was around 3am. Dirty stop outs!



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