Monday, 12 May 2014

6th May 2014 - Back To It!

Joy of joys, it's Tuesday and I have to go back to work after a week off. I dislike this turn of events. I got quite used to doing nothing!

My headache came back pretty much the moment I sat at my desk! GREAT! I also found loads of paperwork there as well. Worst part of having time off!

Found out we are going to have a lot of new work coming through to the office pretty much from now on. While it keeps things interesting, there are 3 of us in our office. T and I will be taking the majority of the work on top of our already full days. T more than me. We're supposed to think this is a good thing. Yeah. We'll see.

After work I headed home. Paul was out at the last home game of the season so I decided to make a date with my iron. You guys know how much I love ironing, don't you?!

I ironed for a few hours which was very boring indeed but got quite a lot of it done. Game me something to do this evening I suppose.

Maia curled up near me while I did it and Barney showed his belly dots at me at every opportunity!

 I did kiss the belly. He did 'bunny bump' my head. Cheers, beep.

I went to bed fairly early as I was pretty bored. Paul got in late and stayed up later to wind down after his drive. This headache needs to do one now. Taking too many painkillers is not a good thing.



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