Tuesday, 13 May 2014

7th May 2014 - Happy Birthday Annabel!

It's my lovely sister-in-law's birthday today! Her first as a Mummy! Hope your boys spoilt you rotten!

Wednesday morning and the 'I'm allowed to have a lie in' feeling is awesome. All to soon it was time to go into work and do work type things.

A was in a meeting in town first thing which meant I got to open up. This is a good thing as I'm able to put all the lights on that I like! You see, A has a problem with the office being light. Minimal lighting allowed. Which means that the corridor is pretty dark, our room is on low light etc etc. Not on my watch, bucko! LET THERE BE LIGHT!

Sure enough, as soon as he came in, literally in the first 5 minutes of him walking through the door, the corridor light was off. The kitchen is part of the corridor and so we can't really see what we're doing! It means that the kitchen surfaces get mucky really easily and we have no idea unless I'm in my rebellious 'let's light it up' mood!

After work I had to get changed quickly and head into town as I had another appointment with the Italian Torturer*

I was quite early so had a little wander through a couple of shops to stay out of the rain and kill some time. I was still pretty early.

Rather drab waiting room.

So not only was I about 15 minutes early for my appointment, but my physiotherapist was running 10 minutes late. There wasn't even a magazine to entertain me. One was not amused.

Still, I had my full half hour of beating from The Torturer.* He worked out that I don't walk properly. Great. It explains all my hip problems and some of my back issues. He's going to put a program of stretches together for me so try to ease the muscles but the best thing for me at this stage is to change shoe!

I live in ballet pump-type shoes which are cheap and convenient, but also bad for your feet. As are Converse. Aherm.

The best thing for me is my running shoes for now. Also "ladies should always wear a heel - about 2cm". Ideally, for me, boots as they'll support my ankle and keep my foot straight.

Interesting stuff, but it's May. I don't want to be wearing heeled boots in the heat! I think I'm going to have to buy some better shoes. I was going to say 'orthopedic' shoes but they make me think of hideous things used to correct your walk if you have one leg longer than the other. I suppose I deserve to wear ridiculous shoes. Ministry of Silly Walks right here.

I got pummled a little more and then I got a fun new addition to my outfit. It matched as well, which is a plus...

There's a tiny hint!

Attractive, no?

It's not a support thing; it's more to help the circulation to ease the pain. Or something. I can hardly feel it, except when getting out of the shower and it's soaked through! It should only stay on about 4 days or so, so if it helps, great!

When we got back we had a quick tea and watched some tv! Penultimate episode of Shield, which was great entertainment, and some Hawaii 5-0. It's sad that it's season finale time. BOO.

To cheer me up, we had naughty treats.

Mmmm. Creme Brulee. My favourite. Not the best I've ever tasted, but not the worst! Definitely infinitely better than the Rumbaba!

I called my Mum who was on babysitting duty for little Teddy while my bro and sis-in-law were out for her birthday to see if she was coping. She was. He was sleeping. I miss him. :(

Then to bed. Ready for the pain from the physio to kick in in the morning!



*Not actually a torturer.

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