Wednesday, 14 May 2014

8th May 2014 - Hide and Seek!


Yeah. It hurts a little. A lot. Very much.

So we didn't gym as the thought of walking didn't appeal, let alone gymming and walking and stuff!

Paul went to work and I got up to get on with my regular morning routine. Except I lost Barney. Anyone seen him?

 THERE HE IS! I never would have thought that's where he was hiding. Except for the random swipes at me as I walk past. That kinda gave it away a little...

I sorted some washing and was good and domestic, then headed to work where I was trying to keep T awake as she hadn't slept well at all! Poor thing. She looked like she just wanted to curl up in a ball and stay there. I'd have let her too, but we're busy.

After work, I don't think I have been so happy to see Paul waiting for me! Maybe our wedding day, but to see him outside the office in the car just filled my heart with joy! Yes, mostly because I didn't have to walk home, but he has a pretty face as well!

We had to stop at the shops to get some bits to go with dinner, then we came home and Paul prepared our scran, while I put my sore leg up.

Three types of hummus with pitta - l-r: harissa hummus, jalapeƱo hummus and piri-piri hummus. I preferred the jalapeƱo while Paul preferred the harissa. Not that you needed to know that but it's interesting for observation reasons. We didn't mind the piri-piri but I don't think we'll get it again unless we get that selection again.

We also had a nice healthy (ish) salad.

Turkey and bacon salad with olive, blue cheese and light french dressing. It wasn't bad!

We watched more Hawaii 5-0 and Arrow. More good shows coming to an end for the series!

Then a fairly early night. Dull, I know, but we need the sleeps!



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