Tuesday, 17 June 2014

10th June 2014 - Lurking...

I didn't have an amazing sleep but better than last night. Had to get up for a massive coughing fit in the night again, which I hate doing. It makes my throat and head hurt. I was joined by Barney and we coughed together. We had a moment,

We did go to the gym in the morning and I did a light kinetic workout as I didn't want to put excess strain on my sore lungs. Glad we went. I will have toned arms, darn it!

Then to work. It was a fairly blah day, same old same old when all of a sudden T screamed and ran out of the room. Spider. A rather large spider. Which moved far too quick for me to catch it. T is obviously terrified of them. I don't like them very much at all but I have to man up at times and this was one of those times. Except T wouldn't help me move stuff so I could catch it, preferring to stay out of the room. Great. I lost the spider. It was somewhere under our desks and I don't know where. So for the rest of the day we were paranoid it was going to crawl up our trouser leg or something. Eeeeek! Edit - It's now been a week...I've never seen it again. *shudder*

When I got home, Paul was just arriving home too, which was nice! He then started cooking and I did the ironing. There wasn't too much so I managed to get it all done! YAY! I like it when that happens! I also had a cheeky pre-dinner treat!

Mmmm! So much for the toned arms. But still, they tasted good! I didn't eat all of them, just a few and they helped the tedium of the chore. I also needed some visual entertainment to get me through the few hours it took.

Yep - Lost. I still love you, even if no one else does!

We had dinner and I did some tidying up afterwards while watching some Justified. By this point I was exhausted and I was feeling crappy again so I took myself off to bed. I finished the episode of Lost that I had been watching and fell asleep. Nothing interesting.



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  1. You forget.. chocolate is good for you. it doesn't untone muscle anyway.. it just puts a nice soft layer over it - if you eat too much that is..