Wednesday, 18 June 2014

11th June 2014 - 700th Post! Yowza!

I can't quite believe this is post 700! Not that all of them are particularly verbose but still! WOW!

Wednesday is normally a lie in day but I didn't get one. Paul had to be up early to get out on the road for work. Boo.

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Yeah, it's Wednesday! Also known as lie in day! WHERE'S MY LIE IN?!

Alas, it was not to be, so I headed to work for another Groundhog Day. It really was. I decided to take myself on a little stroll in the sunshine at lunch time as the office was driving me crazy. It was nice! Plus I had to post my cancellation to Virgin Media so a trip to the Post Office was in order. I liked getting out and about! I really should do it more!

The afternoon dragged even more and I could have cried. Luckily for me, hometime came and I was able to prepare myself for #Whedonsday!

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Well, if you insist, whatever your name is from The Big Bang Theory, we will!

Chris's old but trusted copy of Buffy. This is it's third #Whedonsday outing. Aw!

We watched a good few eps, leaving us ready for finale time next time. Sad news, folks. Next time isn't going to be for AGES! You see, the lovely Chris gets married next weekend and then goes on honeymoon and when he comes back, we go away! So there'll be no gathering of our awesome minds for AGES. :( Still, I suppose it's for the best. Chris should get married to his beloved. It's a good thing!

Numfar is doing the dance of joy for you, Chris and Ceri. From Tumblr.

After we bid a fond farewell to Chris (next time we see him he'll be about to get married! EEK! So exciting!) we went to sleep. Tired Cagga was tired.



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