Thursday, 19 June 2014

12th June 2014 - Brazil 2014

Thursday morning. Back to the gym! This is good! Except Paul hurt his back so it wasn't the longest gym session in the world. Bad times.

Work was boring as ever. Building up to A being on holiday all next week which means he insists on looking at every single file in the office and giving T loads more work than she already has. There's enough work there already for a good two weeks I reckon. He's not given me a thing. Hmm. I've told T I'll do some, which I will, happily, because otherwise I'll be sat around filing my nails all day and I'm not sure that's what I'm supposed to do at work!

It was such a nice day and it sucked being stuck in the office all day so when I came home I enjoyed some warmth in the yard with the kittens! It was nice!

Paul was late getting in which was a shame but he got back and made dinner like a good boy! We noticecd Barney had some tissue stuck in one of his claws which was a bit surprising...until we came inside and discovered...

Excuse the dusty floor!
SOMEONE had been having a good old play! Hmmmm. Wonder who that was...

We came inside to eat and to watch the start of the World Cup. It was an...interesting...opening ceremony. Pitbull...really? The opening game was good as well! Best get used to this footyball malarky! I'm fairly confident that this is all I'm going to be watching for the next few weeks!

I went to bed at a decent time. There's only so much football I can watch on a Thursday night. Willingly!



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