Friday, 20 June 2014

13th June 2014 - Unlucky for some...including me, a little bit!

We didn't gym this morning because Paul's back didn't feel so good. It's a shame as we were both awake. Paul took the opportunity to go to work early to get some stuff done and I lazed in bed. I kept meaning to get up and do a little home work out but for one reason or another (bone idleness...laziness...) I stayed in bed having cuddles with my kitties! I think that's fair enough. Instead of gymming I had my feline anti-stress aids! My word, I needed them today!

There has been lots of blurb in the press this week about the state of delays at the Passport office and how people aren't receiving their new document in time. I have been panicking about this. I spent some of the morning in the office whinging at T how I wouldn't be able to go on holiday and have ruined everything as my passport won't be here. It turns out that they're helping people like me out an if you travel in 7 days and have still not received your passport, you can get it fast-tracked free of charge. Phew. I was still panicking though.

Then there's the big cake debarcle. We have a family party on Sunday to celebrate Mum and Dad's Ruby wedding again, this time with all the Hartley clan. My Aunt (who is hosting the event) asked if I'd get a special cake. After much deliberation I found one at Marks and Spencers, which was pretty reasonably priced. Yay! I ordered it last week and they can have it done in a week. Perfect. Except all day it was saying "on it's way to the store". Seriously. It got to 4pm and it was still being delivered to the store. ARGH! I made up my mind to tweet M&S to find out when I could expect delivery when the delivery status changed! PHEW!

THEN Paul asked if he could drop something off at the office with me. Um, ok, sure? Turns out my passport had also arrived! 3 weeks to the day it was received at the passport office! YAY, right? Right-ish. You see Paul had bet me it would arrive in 3 weeks and today was the last day. So I lose the bet. I now have to buy him dinner as well as paying for a new passport. Hmph.

After work I headed into town to go and meet Paul and collect the cake. As I was walking to M&S I noticed people gathered around the TK Maxx store window. Huh, I said to myself. I saw this:

Live manequins. That's a bit odd. Plus I bet those women were really warm!

I met Paul, we got the cake and dropped it off at his car. Then we were going shopping to see if we could find something for Paul to wear to Chris and Ceri's wedding. He wasn't in the mood, sadly. So we went for a cheeky beer instead.

 So I learned something new about my husband tonight. He always makes Olympic rings with his beer. I have not noticed this in 6 1/2 years together. I'm really not very observant, am I?!

We also noticed his next Man vs Food challenge which he so has to do when we get back from holiday!

 Sounds yummy, right? I'll just have the free pudding!

After our drink we went to get some food and then headed home.

Here's the cake. I'll let you have a better look on Sunday!

Something else to see? My new passport? OK then!

Emo-Cags is watching you...wherever you go.

This is my dinner tonight. A hard-boiled egg. Mmmm! Ok, there might have been other bits that go with it...but I didn't take a picture of that. Just this!

We didn't stay up too late but enjoyed a few drinks watching the tv. More football! Yay!



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