Sunday, 22 June 2014

14th June 2014 - Day Off

It's Saturday! What's awesome about this Saturday is that I don't have anything to do (except the usual chores) so I can be lazy! Get In!

So yeah, I did naff all today and enjoyed every second! So yeah, don't really have anything to take a picture of!

I found Kong (aka Maia's boyfriend) on the bathmat. Why she's taken him in thee I do not know!

We sat outside for a while this afternoon just chilling because upstairs got far too warm. England were playing their first World Cup game so we watched some of the build up before kick off. Which was at silly o'clock at night. Thank goodness it's a Saturday.

I couldn't stay awake to watch it all though. Far too tired so took myself off to bed!

Very much a none day. Soz.



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