Sunday, 22 June 2014

15th June 2014 - The celebrations continue!

Happy Father's Day Daddy Hartley! :)

Another morning another migraine. Terrific. Just what I need. I got up at silly o'clock and took pain killers and then went back to bed for as long as I was allowed to try to sleep the pain off. It didn't go. :(

Sadly I couldn't stay in bed all day as I had to head over to my Aunt's house for a Hartley family do! I dosed up on travel sickness tablets (damn nausea) and grabbed some non-alcoholic drinks and got on the road!

Oh yeah, we had the take to take as well!

It was supposed to be the first time that the family got to meet Edward as well, but sadly he was really poorly last night and so my bro had to take him to hospital where he was admitted. Poor little sausage. Everyone was gutted. Me too. :(

I tried to make myself social and appear happy. I think I did ok.

 Another reason we had this party was because Dad's sister, my Auntie Barbara, was over from Canada on a short holiday to visit! We haven't seen her since our wedding, except via Skype, so it was lovely to see her!

It also meant time for a sibling photo, which only happens every time all 5 of them are together!


 We had a lovely afternoon with the family and I did start to feel better. Nothing that a slice of cake couldn't fix anyway!

We got home at about 6:30pm and watched the football for the rest of the evening! That's how we roll! :) Then to bed! Long day!



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