Monday, 23 June 2014

16th June 2014 - Sky's the limit!

No gym for us this morning. Paul's back is still sore and I had taken so many drugs yesterday that I was a bit woozy. Still had to get up fairly early though. Boo.

I headed off to work and Paul was having a day off as we were getting Sky fitted! Bye bye crappy Virgin Media! Hello Internet!

A is on annual leave this week so it's just T and I in the office. We were quite productive! Go us! He's left T with LOADS of work and me with nothing so I took some of hers to help out. A was still checking his emails all day so was sending even more stuff over to us! Urgh! Just enjoy your holiday!

When I came home, the house was a little bit mental and full of holes but the good news is that we have internet! Yay!

So, Sky, let's see what you got! It's pretty awesome so far!

We had a fun dinner tonight! Paul had a craving for hotdogs so that's what we had!

Delicious herby sausages on toasted brioche roll with mustard, ketchup and fried red onion. MmmMmmMMM!

After dinner we watched Game of Thrones, which was a the season finale and very good indeed (except for the bit with the dragons. That made me sad), watched some football then went to sleep!



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