Tuesday, 24 June 2014

17th June 2014 - The New, The Old and The Fuzzy!

Another Tuesday where we haven't gymmed. I used to be that person who you wanted to smack for being a smug cow when I talked about going to the gym first thing every day, didn't I?! Yeah, well, I have the guilt for not going. We will go again. One day.

So, heigh ho, off to work I went for another day of just T and I. It was ok. Long, but ok. Nothing exciting, of course! When is it ever?!

Then to home and I got a nice lift from Paul which was completely unexpected and lovely! I like it when he can do that! I miss having a personal chauffeur!

It turns out that on his way to collect me he was hungry and had stopped to get some sushi. He got some for me but knowing my issues with fish (ick) he got me duck sushi. I have never had any form of sushi before so let's give this a whirl!

Duck sushi. It was interesting. The only way I can describe it. I have no opinion on it. I'm sure it's lovely and my lack of ability to taste...anything...probably means I am not a credible source of review when it comes to food.

I had chores to do this evening so headed straight to my ironing board to get this job done. I'm 'enjoying' (probably the wrong word but works in context) staying on top of my ironing! One night a week and it's all done! Occasionally there might be too much for one night but at the minute it's all good!

While sorting my clothes I found this:

LOLZ! This was a gift from a good friend of mine many moons ago! I had my own Dharma T! Well, given what's been going on in Marvel-verse recently, I think it was his secret ploy to turn me to the dark side. So turns out, I'm Hydra. Eat that, Avengers!

Maia isn't Hydra. Just too warm. That belly got a good kiss, don't you worry!

We had dinner and watched the football. It was dull. I finished the ironing and decided I deserved an early night.

With that, the day was done!

Another boring one. Soz.



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