Wednesday, 25 June 2014

18th June 2014 - Super!

Wednesday! YAY! Although it being Wednesday had no bearing on anything today as we've been lazy and had a lie in every day this week. Oops.

I was ready for work far earlier than usual and was sat googling stuff for holiday on my phone when I figured I could just go into the office and do that. So I did. I ended up not googling anything and working. I should have stayed at home for the extra 20 minutes! I know Maia would have appreciated it!

Again, to work. T had some really difficult work to do and I tried to help where I could but I know nothing (Jon Snow) and therefore am about as much use as a chocolate teapot. Hmmph. In fact, I was probably more of a hindrance as I needed help on what I was doing!

At lunch time I thought I'd have a look at what the weather was going to be doing this week, looking forward to this weekend's events. That's when I spotted this:

Yes, 3 different email apps for each different email address. Don't judge me. Also ignore my cleavage as well. :)
 70 DEGREES C?! C?! Yes, it was warm  but more like 20 or 21! Nowhere near 70! Hence my screen capture. I'm not sure sure I would be able to even think about a screen capture or my blog at that temperature!

After work I headed into town to meet Paul as I wanted to get a few bits and bobs for the weekend's festivities, plus we needed to get Paul something to wear as well. He got a bow tie. So at present he's only wearing a bow tie on Saturday. You're welcome, Chris! ;)

I got accosted by a make up lady in Boots who talked me into a new lipstick and some other make up (which meant I got a freebie as well. Awesome!) and even tested them on me to make sure they were the right colour for my skin tone! I suppose she was bored. She said there were weirdos around so looking busy helped with that so I suppose I had a use! Plus she got a sale. Yeah. Sucker. I know.

We got all our stuff sorted then headed back to Paul's car and headed home. Our journey home doesn't take us past any of the extremely famous Liverpool landmarks but takes us past one of our favourites...

Aw, the Superlambanana! How we love you!

We went home, had dinner and watched football. Same old same old. I tried on some of the things I bought, some of which didn't really fit so will have to go back at some point :( and just generally relaxed for a little while.

I like evenings like this.



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  1. I cant possibly judge. I have a yahoo email, a gmail, 2 official emails through my hosting (and global emails that funnel into them) - not to mention the two I check for work..