Thursday, 26 June 2014

19th June 2014 - Girls being girls

We toyed with going to the gym this morning. Crazy, right. In the end, we didn't. Even though we were both wide awake, it didn't happen. So we had a little lie in but then Paul got up and went to work, as he does. Next week. Next week we'll go back.


Anyway, another day in work just T and I and another stressful one. She had a REALLY difficult task to do and having never done it before, it was a challenge. I knew the people to ask, I just hoped they didn't mind helping! They didn't and she got it done as best she could. She was stressed all day but when we were walking to the train station after work she said that in a strange way she enjoyed doing something new. Try being on the receiving end of your stress, love!

It's Eng-er-land night again tonight where we play for our lives in this World Cup! Come on the lads!


It was on. Instead of really watching the football, I decided to try out a new gadget I borrowed from T's daughter, MiniMe!

It's called something like a B@Byli$s Secret Curl and apparently it's really easy to use and creates pretty curls. Well, ok! If it can make my frizz ball head curl nice then I'm in.

Shameless selfie time!

The front camera on my phone sucks, but you can see the before on the right and the after on the left! It's quite easy to use and the curls are indeed pretty! It's a win! Will be using that on Saturday to prettify myself.

Only did half my hair. No point doing it all as I'm washing it tomorrow!

I got bored watching the football. We scored a goal and it was like we'd won the bloody thing! Nope. Uruguay scored again. We lost. Again. We suck! I think it's well funny!

Took myself off to bed. Long day tomorrow! The start of a couple of them, actually!



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