Friday, 27 June 2014

20th June 2014 - Starting early...

Another non-gym day. Bad Cagga. Having said that, I was really productive and sorted washing and stuff, so that makes it worth while, right? RIGHT?!

Sorting stuff at home made me leave the house a little later, which meant that T got to the office about a minute before I did. I saw her ahead but knew I couldn't run to catch her up. She's not that confident about opening up, however, luckily for her, the landlord man was in so she didn't have to!

It was a long day in the office. T finished all the difficult work that she had, to be bombarded with lots of little semi-difficult things, which she piled by her desk. I helped her out with some of the less difficult stuff which seemed to make it all look worse than it was. I think we did a really good job!

Do you know what made it even better?

FIZZ FRIDAY! IT FINALLY HAPPENED AGAIN! Early celebrations for tomorrow and much needed celebrations for surviving this week! WHOOP! It was goooooood!

No rest for the wicked though and I didn't even get sitting around time as such once I got home! I got straight into the shower as I had a plan! Can't disrupt the plan!

Hair dye on! Bath to be had!

I dyed my hair again so it would be shiny for tomorrow. I put heat-protect product in it which made it feel not nice though. Bad serum. My hair usually feels lush after I've dyed it but not this time. Hmph.

Paul brought me a nice glass of wine while I was in the bath and I relaxed away!

I let my hair dry naturally and we just chilled for the rest of the evening. I got some washing done as well. Early night tonight for tomorrow's madness!



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