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21st June 2014 - Congratulations Chris & Ceri!

It's Chris and Ceri's wedding day! WHOOP! Been looking forward to today for AGES!


The downside - I woke up with a migraine. A bad one. Great start. I think it's the weather. Yeah, that's it! Nothing to do with the wine I drank yesterday...

Anyway, the pain didn't really want to subside but I just had to man up and get over it as I had to get pretty! It took AGES!

The hair thing I tried on Thursday night still took over an hour to get all my hair curled! I think the fact that the house was so warm was making it drop quicker than it should. I eventually got it all done but had barely half an hour to get the rest of me ready! I managed though! Go team!

Meanwhile, Paul was making breakfast and decided to set the sausages on fire. That's a great start!

We were getting the train over to where the wedding was being held and managed to get the slightly earlier train that we were intending on getting! We never make it out on time! What's going on?!

Making Merseyrail classy since 2014! How pale do I look? I was necking water as I was really wobbly! Downside to my migraine meds is dry mouth and the shakes. A great look for a wedding, no?!

We got 'over the water' (should have taken the ferry cross the Mersey...damnit!) and we were pretty early so we went fo a soft drink in the local pub across the road from the Church!

Scrubs up well, my husband!

We were passing the time feeling VERY over-dressed when we noticed some suits approaching...

Reservoir Dogs style Groom party! Yes - they have a best woman too! It's what the cool kids are doing!

We finished our drinks then headed over to the Church which was very pretty!

We were soon joined by a couple of lovely ladies whom we know through Chris and we had a catch up! Also a pre-wedding selfie, of course!

Our friends Lee and Bernadette also joined us and we all caught up and it was fun!

The ceremony was lovely, if a little quiet. The organist didn't show up, for whatever reason, so the bride walked down the aisle in silence (which was a shame). The Priest didn't notice until she'd started entering so made us sing the first hymn acapella. Same for the rest of the hymns. It's a compliment to our friendship and love for the happy couple that we joined in. Specifically Paul as he never sings in Church. Ever. My Parents didn't even get a tune out of him!

Then they were married! YAY! Happy happy joy joy! Photos were taken and certificates were signed! It's all official! Chris has got his Mrs!

We all went outside and got the confetti out! It was lovely! Then came time to mill around while waiting to see what happens next!

We're pretty, right?!

Oh, I forgot, the Bridal transport was my favourite car in the world!

YEAH! Gotta love a Camper Van wedding! :)

I guess you actually want to see the newlyweds, rather than our mugs, right?

Beautiful bridal party!

Don't they look fabulous?!

From Tumblr. I may have gushed this at the groom later on in the day. 
 We got a double decker party bus taking us to the reception venue! AWESOME! Which meant that Lee and Bernadette, being the rockstar couple they are got the party started!

While the bridesmaids and others serenaded us with 'The Wheels on the Bus' and songs from Frozen (sigh) we were drinking hard licquor from a bottle. YEAH! Friends of the Groom, ladies and gents!

We got to the rugby club where the reception was being held, was handed a beer (I was feeling well enough by this point to drink it!) and headed outside into the lovely sunshine and there it was!


Photo time!

The girls! I'm not actually sitting on anything here! That's some squatting power I have there!

The boys! Lee on the hard stuff and Paul on a beer. Like you do. How dapper two of my favourite boys in the world look!

There were lots of lawn games to entertain us while we waiting for the Bride and Groom to make their appearance. Plus, the obligatory bouncy castle! I got my picture of it a little later on...

Atta girl! She knows how to party! Although for reasons which will be explained tomorrow, Paul is now banned from bouncy castles. Especially if Lee is with us.

We managed to collar Chris! AWESOME! So I got my pic taken with him and Lee. We've known each other for over 10 years now and have a similar picture from a loooong time ago. We are the Hogwarts Trio!

Ron, Squinty Hermione and Harry! Because Lee has red-ish hair, I have mad bushy hair (and am a nerd) and Chris used to look like Harry Potter! :)

We then accosted the Bride and got a group pic all together!

Why am I always the one crouching or sitting where there's no seat? Hmph. I don't like my deal!

I will also show you Chris's most awesome cufflinks. Seriously, they're shiny!

If you don't get it...I'm not sure why you're reading this blog as you clearly don't get me, but as I'm in a good mood, I'll give you a hint!

Gif from Imgur
Love them!

There was more socialising to be done, which lead to more shenanigans with top hats. Everyone loves a top hat!

Del looking fab with the Top Hat!

Lee rocks the top hat!

Soon, after a long time, or perhaps no time at all (we were having fun, so what does it matter?!) we headed into the teepees (I can't decide the best way to spell it...meh!) for the food part of the reception! We found our table. I lolled. A lot.

Our table was 'Chumash', who are best know for the funny syphilis! Yeah, it's another Buffy reference. Watch Buffy season 4 episode 8 - Pangs. You'll get it.

Lots of geekery. This is good. You know what else is good? Sweets!

Personalised M&Ms. Oh go on then! I only ate mine as they got smudged by prosecco.

Here come the happy couple!


Also, anyone know what that is that Ceri is holding on her left wrist? We get the horse shoe but the other thing looks a bit like a dragons' egg from Game of Thrones! It can't be that, can it?!

We waiting for our scran (lamb kofta followed by halloumi kebabs (me) and bbq ribs (Paul) followed by Eton Mess) and filled in our guest book tags that were also the place markers for our seats!

We wrote some lovely sentimental stuff and decided that our work here was not done. Do not leave assorted colouring pencils around and expect us not to play...

Paul graffiti'd me and I did the same to Paul. Far better, don't you think?!

Paul then took this pic of Lee and I...

Notice that I look a little pink? Yeah. Me too. I feel the burn. Lovely. I wasn't the worst burnt, but I definitely felt it!

After food and speeches, we were entertained by a pub quiz about the bride and turns out we don't know either of them that well...but we killed the music round! Nice little Golden Hour there, Chris! I got the link! :)

Then we were thrown ushered out of the teepees into the bar while they set up for the evening reception!

Taken from Tumblr
We came in to party! First, though, we need a first dance! This has to happen! Can't remember the song though. Chris? What was it?

I love the above pic even though it's blurry! I don't know why!

I took loads of first dance pics. Google kindly made me a couple of gifs, so here you go!


The band were ace and we got our groove on! Even Lee, who's a notorious cover-band hater said they were good! Dear diary moment right there!

Pictures get sporadic now. Both Paul and I were running out of battery and we needed to save some to call a taxi later on!

I managed to get this one...

Ceri, Chris and Caitlin (best woman). I think Ceri was starting to get fed up of smiling and having her picture taken at this point!

Selfie! Complete with epic sunburnt face! Note that the curls are still hanging tough! Could have done with that curling machine on my wedding day!

This is one of the button-holes on one of the gents' jackets. They have pictures of The Doctor in the latest incarnations on the inside. Isn't that cool/geeky/clever?!

Paul (and top hat), Groom's dad Graeme (and my fascinator) and me (plus top hat)! It's like A Chorus Line! Chris's dad is ace! He can drink like a trooper and has a wicked sense of humour! Hopefully he and Chris's Mum Carole will play out soon! :)

Last but by no means least are Paul and Lee (in my fascinator...that got around a bit...huh!) looking serious. For the only time that night!

The party continued and the pictures kinda stopped. There were amazing fireworks which absolutely rocked (only marred slightly by two chaps fighting...but what's a wedding without a fight!) and then more dancing. Yes Chris, I danced between bands. The 5ive megamix was enough, trust me! :)

At the end of the night - yes, we stuck it out right to the end - we managed to get a taxi to come and collect us and take us back over the water. There were 4 of us and it worked out less than £40, including tunnel charge both ways, which is really good! Happy with that!

Fantastic day, Chris and Ceri! We loved it all (except the sunburn and other...marks...see tomorrow's post!) and my only regret is that I didn't get any wedding cake! Gutted! It looked lovely though!

Have an amazing honeymoon in the Dominican Republic, and we'll see you in a few weeks! :) xx

Taken from Tumblr
Well, come on! It would be rude not to!



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